Maxed luckies

How many luckies have you maxed? I counted that I have 23. I still have many, many that I’ve never touched…what is the next one you want to get maxed. Maybe next a 100% lucky scyther, also considering a boosted 15/15/13 Heatran but only have 165 heatran candy

1, which happens to also be my only maxed…

It’s a Magnezone FYI.

I maxed a lucky 100 Magnezone, put it this way, way more use from it than the maxed lucky 100 CD Gallade (never used it). Most everything besides that Gallade has had some use at some stardust savings

My Magnezone is 98 LOL

My next goal is either my 100 MM Metagross (doable right now actually), or my 100 Psystrike Mewtwo (needs a lot more investment).

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My lucky pokemon I maxed out
Dialga, Rampardos, Shiny Swampert, Togekiss, and Luxray

Only works in progress so far…but one day.

7 total maxed luckies on my end. For some reason I thought I had done more, but apparently not!




Maxed include: Regigigas, Garchomp, Shiny Ray, Shiny Metagross, Melmetal, Chandelure, Excadrill, Heracross, Alakazam (FS/Legacy Psychic), Pinsir, Shiny Leafeon, Flygon (Earth Power).

Some of the luckies I already maxed I would have done them anyway, but wouldn’t have done these if they weren’t lucky: 15/15/13 Roserade and Blastoise 15a/14/14. Pleased to get a little more variety

I have 28 maxed pokemons. Among them, 10 are luckies :

My next lucky level 40 will surely be a Terrakion