Maximizing BondPoints on EXP Farming

Pretty simple issue here. Im farming so much EXP lately but there is one thing that I cant stop thinking about, and its that my Arash is already Bond10, same as my Waver, so I basically want any advice to make the 3T farming viable (not at the mercy on RNG) without them to maximize the bond points gaining.

Waver is easy, I just have to put the support Waver/merlin with Chaldea Luchtime, but I cant see a way to replace arash. Nito is an option, but idk how much reliable is her instadeath.

There you have my farming comp, and my servant list, help me, senpais!

The big question is what are you farming?

Depending on the node you can get far with a Nitocris(K-scope), x, support Waver/merlin.
That is my team for farming stakes and gunpowder.

I’ve done some nodes with a Eresh (K-scope), x, support Waver, Shakespeare.
When the anniversary arrives that also works with Artoria( K-scope),x, Waver, Shakespeare.

If you are just going for the Embers/QP then the Combat uniform would work as a Arash replacement.
Spartacus (K-scope) ,Fran(K-scope), x and support Waver.

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Well, my intention is a team that can perform well against all types of nodes (Im talking bout EXP Embers 40Ap nodes).

If you are just going for the Embers/QP then the Combat uniform would work as a Arash replacement.
Spartacus (K-scope) ,Fran(K-scope), x and support Waver.

Im so embarrased that I didnt think this before, yes I guess this will do, at least until Combat Uniform reach lv10.
EDIT: A point would be shorter the NP animation the better, so maybe Spa+Waver+Bunyan+Darius/Fran

Thanks for reply

Edit: mixed the first bit up and associated 40AP with the class training grounds.

The 40Ap training grounds can be a bit of a trouble due to the RNG in what spawns and the Arash restriction.
If there aren’t any beefy enemies in Wave 2 then Eresh (50% ce), Spartacus, (K-scope), Fran (Sumo, HNS.etc) and support Skadi could almost deal with it.
I’m pretty sure you can find some maxed Skadi’s next week.

If the CE is maxed then Fran would average at 178k damage (with a 10% deviation depending on attribute).
Fortunately the only one she has a disadvantage against is the Archer node.
The final wave of Assassin,Lancer, Caster and Rider will get oneshotted.
On average Gil will have 36k left, Zerklot, 30k, artoria 7k.

Well, um. A 3-turn all-purpose daily setup without Arash involves, like mentioned above, a combat uniform for position switching, several Kaleidoscopes and preferably burr-zerkers.

Going by your roster, you could try making a team of Waver, Chacha, Fran, Nito (high rarity) or use Darius/ Eric/ Bunyan/ Kiyohime / Spartacus at NP5. There are plenty of options to pick from.
Nito’s instant death chance is, I would say, pretty high at skill level 10 (then again, I do have a pretty high luck overal, so that might be in play too :3 ). But when it doesn’t work, the other 2 dps can clean up the remnants via face cards.

To give a team example, the 3-turn all-purpose farming team I’m using now is Darius w/ Kaleidoscope, support Waver or Merlin w/ Lunchtime (don’t want to use my own), Eric w/ Kaleido, Nitocris w/ Black grail at 10/8/1 skill ranks for 100% np charge and max death rate, 2 bond spots for my own Mona lisa and Lunchtime CEs.
Use the support to charge up 20% NP to berserkers, then switch Waver/Merlin out for Nito. Use her first 2 skills for full NP and extra death chance, then kill stuff as always.
(Used to rely on Spartacus, Bunyan, and Arash before in farming teams, but since these hit bond 10 as well, needed to re-organize).

Here’s my setup:

With a friend’s Waver, i can maximize Bond gained on 3 backline servants while not relying on the swap Mystic Code. In your case you run someone other than Sieg or Spartacus (30% batteries) because of 2 Kscopes but your lack of MLB Kscope means you need the Mage’s Association uniform over Artic.


Raikou is replaceable but she has a lot of cleanup potential, this comp doesn’t require MLB Kscope and doesn’t require any particular MC but you better be fighting Assassins or enemies with low death rates.

Note that hands and doors have unusually high instant death chance (50% for the gold ones) so Nito is pretty reliable for them. You can also just ignore IK and just give her a Black Grail to nuke a wave without needing outside charge support.

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