Maybe it's time for a change in skills for her?

Inspired by @Bow-of-Sacae thinking of changing his Laegjarn.

Also sorry @sawtuis I think Fury 3 just might not be what it used to be

But seriously I don’t know what exactly I’d give her instead though? I know Sturdy Impact could be a thing but then the thing is thar both users I’d have with it would both be flying physical red units.

Edit: Oh and @Tandor because this is about Laegjarn.


Honestly fury I don’t think works well on Leagjarn
Best that you remove it
Maybe, try SS4

This build looks solid to be honest.

The only thing I’d probably change would be her weapon for a Slaying Edge or a Wo Dao if you’re going Fury + Desperation.

I don’t have that

And Haar might get it even if I did cause then he could skip on using the Hack-o-Lantern

Again I’m not the best with Leag tho
You’re build doesn’t seem too bad currently

Idk Fury just seems so boring on a physical unit to me for some reason now. And even then I’ve even started giving some of my more used ranged units Swift Sparrow instead, like my new +10 Tailtiu uses SS instead of Fury.

Here’s the build I decided to run on my Laegy, it would actually work even better on yours since mines IVs aren’t great. :slightly_smiling_face:

I mean I honestly just @ed you because Fury 3

I know
Because it’s the best skill

But this super good gurl already took my only Atk/Spd Solo.


And she looks awesome!

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brazens, bonds, solos…generally, stuff that works on both phases

and renewal/mystic boost maybe, or even guard to block bold fighter specials

tis the season for changing laegjarn builds


'Tis the season for Bow to go off the rails
I can say whatever I want about Bow now because Bow no longer has my soul.

he owns mine tho


Really? Huh.
So I can say whatever I want but bluebell can’t
that makes sense.


I own bluebell’s soul… But it frightens me. I could not control it even if I tried.


I can say whatever I want
You’re a bad person
You take souls

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Be careful he can still take yours back
Or take mine

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I gave you the ability to speak and you choose to say things that everyone already knows?