Me, minutes after saying i was going to wait to summon until the new trailer: *spends half my orbs*

i broke last night and summoned on the legendary banner. got who i wanted, but with less-than-ideal ivs. a -spd +def thrasir isn’t quite what i would call strong, but i’ve been shocked before. would i be better off pulling for one with different ivs or should i just save? (read: is she still usable)

note: she has 36 spd at a bane


Still useable, but really sad to look at. Just give her the proper support and she’ll honestly still do her job well enough. At least darting blow and swift sparrow seals exist now.

Spending more orbs depends on what your future goals and wishlist looks like anyway.


Just wait until there is a legendary banner where the new heroe is not green, because of that the green orbs barely appears

are you me?

that was me vs Christmas Banner + Ophelia banner before Legendary. lol

update: there was no trailer (idk why i thought there was) so i spent more. i didn’t get thrasir, but i did get two eirs and a claude so i can’t complain

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Congrats! Though what I’d do is just let the banner be as the trailer is often 52h before the banner in question, the New Heroes will be available this 2020-01-09T07:00:00Z so we should have the trailer by 2020-01-07T03:00:00Z.
I guess you thought the New Heroes would be a day earlier, can’t blame you since dates are in PST which can generate confusions :feh_tooobin:

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yeah i just figured i’d try for another one rather than save only to be disappointed. if it’s nobody i want, fantastic. if it is someone i want, then whatever if i die i die

besides, i’ve been waiting for claude for a while now. i’d figured i’d wait until a non-legendary banner, but this works too lol.

:thinking: fair enough, in that case I’d have left some orbs but oh well at least you got something out of it

yeah, well see, there’s the problem of me being a chronic dumbass to worry about. you’re smarter than me, clearly lol