Mecha eli chan

Yaha-lose I just want to ask if either the Mecha elis have the specific dialogues I want I’m a new player 3 and half months so does any mecha eli have either a Tsundere or kuudere kind of Voice lines cause I have a fetish for those

You could just… read the event story and find out? Or look up their lines?

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I have tried those but I couldn’t find any for Mk2 so I want to know from people who have them

If you want to be talked down to and reprimanded, Mk II might float your boat.



Sadist is fine but I prefer Tsundere or kuudere

Damatte. Meirei shinaide. (Be quiet. Don’t order me around). More that kind of thing. She talks back when you click her command cards.

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Oh so she likes to trash talk you when your making her do something?

Fandom wiki usually has good resources on voice lines. Feel free to check through their mats as well on their main pages.

More understated. This version is kind of grouchy and will cut you.

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Does these voic elines have Voice over?

I see

I want to hear their different voice lines so I could decide on which eli to get

Weirdly enough it seems like they have MkII’s lines up but not the OG’s. Which is funny because apparently MkII doesn’t have her voice lines on youtube but the OG does. You won’t get the facial expressions of MkII but otherwise this is probably about the best way to interpret the characters for yourself. I don’t have MkII yet so I can’t speak to her character that much in anyway that the voice lines wouldn’t already convey.

I might go for Mk1

Well, you’ll have the event in order to determine which between the two you’d want. Though honestly that one definitely gives Mk1 far more time.

Here are there voiced Valentine’s scenes as well. Make sure you have subtitles enabled.

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Personally I like mk1 characterization best, but I absolutely HATE the color pink, so I wholeheartedly picked mk2 last year because not pink.

You do get to know both in story before you can choose, so you have time

I chose Mk II last year as well. Now I get two versions of a character I never use, but she’s still my favorite Liz.


You never use her? Really? I often find her great for mixed cavalry nodes where a Berserker might be a bit fragile.

She’s perfectly fine, but I have too many Servants who can fill her role.

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