Medea Lily Challenge Quest Utility



How does Medea Lily usually fare as support in a challenge quest? I got itchy fingers and ended up blowing my sq on the caster banner rather than waiting for the ccc tama-chan solo banner, and got medea Lily (plus rp fodder in Edison).

I lack all of great 5* support servants (merlin, waver, tama, Jeanne), so challenge quests are harder for me because I can only pick one from support and can’t control the ce choice. I do have the Iri welfare, but either I don’t know how to use her properly or she’s just too squishy with too low of a np gain to provide enough healing to really help out.

I have a stock pile of ember and gems that I was saving for a chance at tama, but I don’t know if I want to settle on medea yet. I have gentle affection (1 away from mlb I think).


You don’t need more than one Merlin or whatever support for challenge quest. Two of them is just for people who don’t want to thibk too much about the quest.

As for Medea Lily don’t have her so can’t help about that


When it comes to healing, nobody does it better than Medea Lily. Her heal, 3000HP at level 10 with a 5-turn cooldown, plus her NP, 3000HP at NP1, plus her third skill (Ephemeral Love), which doubles her healing power for 1 turn at level 10 (8-10 turn cooldown though), means she can heal a maximum of 12k, more if she has the right CEs equipped. Her bond CE boosts the party’s received healing by a massive 30%, meaning 3900 per heal, 7800 if doubled, 15600 if skill and NP are both used and boosted by her third skill.

Three Arts cards make it easy to build up her NP with Arts Chains, especially in a full on Arts team. And in a pinch, Rapid Words can get her from 0% to 100% as early as level 4, 150% at level 10, though you’d only go that high to reduce the 9-turn cooldown.

I don’t have her myself, and I have only borrowed her for one challenging battle (Nero Fest Assassin Army), so I can’t speak for her performance beyond that one. When I used her for boss battles (Nero Fest included) and other minor battles, however, it’s clear that she’s strictly there to heal. Her damage, meager as it is due to her low attack stat, could only be considered a bonus whereas the main reason you’d choose her cards was to build up her NP. And despite keeping the team alive, she has no way of preventing/stalling/avoiding/tanking an enemy’s NP.

Because of this, you would certainly need to bring in someone who can deal with the enemy’s NP, one way or another. This leaves the third slot for the DPS. And, depending on who the second support is, that DPS may end up lacking any attack boosting skills outside of their own (and some may not even have their own depending on who it is). I suppose Merlin would do as the second supporting Servant with a Buster DPS, preferably one with 2 Arts Cards to help Merlin and Medea build their respective NP gauges.

Her performance in Nero Fest’s battle is supported by the fact that the enemies were all Assassins, mostly forgoing the need for additional damage buffs, and the presence of Irisviel, whose NP’s Guts kept the team alive even if an NP went off. And with 9 Arts Cards, 12 counting NP Cards, even Irisviel’s poor NP Gain could be overcome.

TLDR, she’s a great healer but her use in a challenge quest would be situational due to the lack of anything outside of healing.

EDIT: I can actually think of one situation where you wouldn’t need any anti-NP skills. Party is made up of only Casters, enemies are all Assassins, and you have high level defense buffs on the party, preferably multiple stacks by the time NP hits. I’m not sure how well this holds up against an ST NP, but I’ve survived AoE NPs with a similar setup.


medea lily is one of 5 servants able to create a turtle team to defeat beast kiara in her giant form


its 4k at np 1, post interlude
which she already recieved


For normal gameplay…eh. She’s like one part of the Tamamo/Merlin package.

Certainly Medea Lily + Mash is a great defensive core, especially against ST NPs.

Her shortcomings are the same as Tamamo’s: can’t buff the team’s defense or save you in a pinch. So you need someone like Merlin, Jeanne, or David.

That said, Merlin/Medea Lily/David is a perfectly fine team for most challenge quests. 2 teamwide invulns and more healing than you can ask for, in case GoA somehow doesn’t fulfill your needs.

But I think you’ll find Medea Lily’s NP bar stays topped off way too long unless you pair her with Waver or Mash…and then you’re back to the AOE NP problem.

The upcoming Hijikata CQ is difficult because he’s a crit berserker with steroids…if you let him attack, the chances he’ll KO you in a single go are pretty high. So healing is kind of useless.

If you have a taunter—d’Eon, say—then she’s good. Keep your taunter’s HP topped off so your Vlad/Herc/whatever can dish out damage. Tamamo isn’t so good at this because of the opportunity cost on Fox’s Wedding—more damage, or more healing?—and the 2k heal from her NP just isn’t enough. Merlin has the same issue, although GoA’s heal is a lot bigger.

So Medea Lily + Georgios/d’Eon + self-sufficient Arts DPS (Cu Alter, Vlad after rank up, Squirtoria, Bride, Orion, Saberlot, etc) is probably your best bet. And even then, her heal is likely overkill is most scenarios.


Medea (Lily) is optimal for 2 situations:

  1. if there is massive spawn of just Monsters
  2. if stationed alongside another Support or buff-oriented Servant like Tamamo, Waver, or Merlin

If you go with option 2, then you should sit back and find something soft for your tush to sit on, as with 2 Support Servants , there’s no better recipe for a slow grind than having only 1 Primary Damage dealer.

Her healing is among the best in the game, but in my opinion (and you are free to disagree with me) she sucks if she is the only Support servant in the frontline for Boss levels like in Nero Fest.

Healing will keep your team alive sure, and her debuffs is a powerful utility too, but I would recommend using her ONLY if you equip another Support alongside, as her healing won’t matter bat guano once an Enemy Servant Boss inevitably unleashes their NP, and just one-shots your Servant(s).
Unless your Servant(s) have evade or invincibility, they’re pretty much cooked.

If she is one of the few Support Servants you possess and you don’t have access to some of the top-tier Supports, then she is DEFINITELY worth investing into.