Medicham centered Great League team ideas

Hey my dudes,
Now with the new season I need some pokemon for great league. I invested hard in Ultra and a bit in master and I’m low on stardust sadly.
I want my team to center around a 15/15/15 Medicham I already have maxed but I don’t know the rest and I would appreciate some help.
Every team I think of seems to have trouble against Azumarill and I myself don’t have a good one.
I do have a pretty good Altaria, a Galarian Stunkfisk (though I have to raise it to 1500 and teach an attack), a Whiscash and a Skarmory. Maybe some others that I forget. So using some of those would benefit me as I won’t have to spend much but I probably need to go out of my way to build a mon for Azu.
I also lack a Registeel but even if I had one I probably wouldn’t use it as I find it’s play style lame.
So folks any ideas for a Medicham centered team ?

Whiscash and skarmory work, but azu stays a problem. One idea would be to teach psychic to medicham, this works as a surprise and will be unshielded; skarmory with brave bird also can deal massive damage and also is likely to not be shielded by azu. Could work.

I thought of Skarmory but even then the matchup is bad, I also thought of having a Hypno with thunder punch

It would be a team effort… Two unshielded mud bombs and an unshielded brave bird could do the job. You just have to shield the hydro pump, hmmm
Hypno could work for baiting but think that thunder punch is not dealing much damage

Even if you’re running Ice Punch I would stay away from Grass types for Azumarill counters. Look for poison types or electric if you want additional options for Skarmory counters. Then fill in your third.

Example Medicham/Skuntank/G-Stunfisk.

As an Azumarill user myself, I would be very happy to see an Altaria in the same team as a Medichiam.

More importantly, why do you want to build your team around Medichiam? Is it your favourite species? Are you having trouble with Steel-types?

Confusion hits hard and if Azumarill does not shield multiple Thunder Punches, the damage adds up.

Yea, I know, was just saying that hypno is not the azu killer with TP some think it is. also an unshielded HP takes a lot of hypnos rankings. Also think that an unshielded Brave bird from skarmory deals A LOT more DPE than thunder punch from hypno. You just have to run then :D

I want a team around Medicham cause I like it as a pokemon and invested in it in the past, it’s max friend so it gets a boost from that as well, plus it saves me stardust to build other mons.
I thought of Skutank as I have a really good shadow one but I don’t know if it has good matchups against other fairies cause of charm hitting neutral.
What about a Beedrill with drill run?

Altaria will murder you unless you had something to lock it down.

I’d have Gstunkfisk but still I feel this team would be extra fragile

Have you used this tool?

Can you get your hands on a Gulpin/Swalot?, it’s 10k stardust to teach it a second move and with sludge bomb it usually beats Azu.

It looks bad actually.

Swalot will result in you being murdered by Haunter or Gengar.

Medicham should always have psychic imo. Ice punch or PuP punch for baits or coverage. With how common Azu is you don’t want to get walled by it. Azu and gunfisk would go pretty well around it. Maybe gunfisk lead ,Azu swap, medi closer

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It would not differ much according to sims.

OP is looking for a counter to Azumarill, not to use Azumarill.

Azumarill can be killed by Gunfisk 50-50-ish, Beedrill will absolutely kill it, Venusaur and Meganium is even worse

Ferrothorn / Dewgong. Deals with both Azu and fliers (though Ferrothorn is a bit tricky, because Flash Cannon movesets win against Altaria, while Thunder movesets deal with Skarmory)

How is dewgong good vs Azu? Debuff, yes, but PR also kills it after a while, or?