Medicham, now or wait

Hello! Pvp question…My question is about whether to evolve and power up a near perfect IV meditite now or wait to evolve a better suited for lvl. 50 medicham? I am lvl 38 right now so can’t even get XL candies…

Also how important are having the right IVs for pvp? Would the difference be that great in the medicham example?

Ty for the help!

The following is all in 1v1 shield scenario

A L40 15/15/15 Medicham has 488 wins, 146 losses, and 2 draws in the Great League.
A L50 5/15/15 Medicham has 531 wins, 104 losses, and 1 draw in the Great League.

While that looks great, some of those wins are against Pokemon you’ll never see. How often do you see Shadow Nidorino that you want a L50 so you can win the matchup? So while it looks a lot better, in practice you wont see too much difference. And if you were wondering, in a 2v2 shield L50 Medicham only picks up 6 wins.

difference between lv.43.5 hundo vs. perfect PvP IV at lv50.

I wouldn’t look at number of wins and loses in simulations. Higher defense and HP will give you opportunities to pull an extra charge move here and there. Scroll down to the section regarding medicham. it tells you key matchups in GL.

I don’t use medicham so I don’t know much detail, but the importance on IV is when you can survive longer to pull an extra charge move. For example, UL Empoleon on safe switch, with good IV, can pull its second drill peck against venusaur before fainting, but a bad IV can’t.

I would make the decision based on whether you really want to build a team around medicham, or can you build something else until you are level 40+. It WILL be a long grind to get a level 50. If you want to use it now or sometimes next season, you could max out a near perfect one now.

Go for it now.
It will be a long time for the average player to get enough XL candy, and that is a lot of stardust for only a minor improvement.

Get fun out of it now.

I have a 98% I use, and enjoy it a lot.
There is quite a few around that hate seeing a fighter, and catching an Altaria with Ice Punch is always funny.

What team would you build around it and which moves do you wanna chose? That’s more important. And what rank are you atm? If you have already a good team, no need to do anything right now. If you desperately need a fighter with variability in your team, then go for it now without a question. At lvl 40, it won’t be the solution for everything, but still a good fighter which can stand it’s own even vs flying stuff - or maybe even azumarill if you chose psychic… If you already have a fighter -or sth vs steel and flying, I would overthink it

I am Ace atm and can’t break into Veteran (got really close during the holiday cup, but tanked right after). The team I was thinking about was Medicham with ice punch and psychic, jellicent with bubble beam and shadow ball, and probopass with rock throw, thunderbolt and mirror shot.

Any suggestions for building around medicham would be appreciated, I’m relatively new to the scene.

The team is good, but maybe not veteran-good. Probopass is probably the weakest one, causing that team to have an open flank vs popular politoed (medicham and jelli are ok, but cannot win reliably and weatherball is simply too fast for probopass). Team composition also should include an answer vs sableye, very common at above 2200. Scrafty and meganium also difficult to handle. Think about replacing probo with either a similar one (gunfisk or basti - but politoed stays a problem) a flier (skarmory or altaria) or a high damage generalist such as froslass or abomasnow (more difficult). Or you choose the safest variant, dark, with Mandibuzz or umbreon. Could be that it works better as lead then. Also only use last resort umbreon in that case.

Medicham is a very versatile Pokémon. One of the easier things build around too. It pairs well with a steel tank and actually pairs nicely with Dewgong. Both can knock down the fliers for it. Dewgong can grab Azu and Gfisk picks up Psychics. Medicham’s biggest plus is slapping around other fighters, so putting it on a team with nothing weak to fighters would be doing it a disservice.

I don’t see a lot of Medicham these days and when I do it’s usually paired up with Basti on some sort of gimmick team. As @stativision said sabeleye is one of the most popular Pokémon in GL this season. Pelipper and DD I would also throw in as some additional very meta picks that Medi doesn’t do well against.

I had a similar issue to you but with a sabeleye. I ended up deciding I was going to power up a 15/10/15 I had as I COULD play it now and then later on power it up a bit past 40. Figured it was a good way to hedge my bets. Sure it won’t be as good as a level 50 but at least I’m not waiting on it forever.

I’ve seen Bastiodon double Fighter teams. Usually Medicham/Sirfetch’d but sometimes I’ve seen Medicham/Hitmontop.