Mega Ampheros discussion thread

So, Mega Ampheros is about to hit the streets… is there any potential for it as another dragon with a lightning twist?

Will it help against Water more than Mega Venusaur?
Will it help against Flying more than… a wet sponge?

Let the discussion begin!

In short a worse Zekrom, slightly better than Raikou. At least with the current moveset.

Mega Manectric will be the overall better mega electric pick

This said, if Niantic gives it Wild Charge, it would be on top regarding non shadow electric DPS

As a dragon attacker it has no use.

I seriously need to update the mega overview and publish it here in a new thread.

I wish Ampharos getting Discharge/Thunderbolt and Manectric getting Thunder Fang. Electric type needs some variety in terms of charge moves.
For another point, compared to Mega Manectric, Mega Ampharos has much longer surviving time to produce the mega boost, making it relatively more useful. Sadly it’s stuck with 1-bar move (Thunder Punch is too weak). I’d be very happy if Zap Cannon is changed to a 2-bar move (it’s a bit similar to Dynamic Punch in the main series).

As far as attackers for Water type raids, Mega Venusaur has higher DPS unless the weather is Rainy. But if the raid boss is using Ice type moves, Mega Ampharos will last longer

It seems like good typing
And I think it also washes its hair with Pantene like Selena Gomez

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Mega Ampharos is also weak to ice, with lower bulk than Mega Venusaur.

I know but it was still showing as tankier on the DPS/TDO spreadsheet.

If nothing else comes from this thread, it fully justifies my investment in my shadow Zapdos.

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I think people are comparing it to other pokemon too much and not talking about what potential it brings to other raiders

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See your point, especially in terms of what it could do against some of the hardier types that need bigger groups; Kyogre being a prime example where your mega-boost will be helping likely 3 or more other people. It could also be the difference between doing the trio and not seeing as most teams of 3 would need 2 relobbies each.

Mega Ampharos’s main selling point is giving Electric-type Mega Boost. It’s attacks aren’t that great for PVE and it lacks of a Dragon-type fast move (Hope it gets Dragon Tail in the future at least). It gaves some variety for stuff to use in raids so it’s ok I think. 294 base attack is higher than any non-mega electric or dragon type but it’s moves draws it back.

Also, can we take a look on how fabulous it looks with that hair? It’s amazing lol


Which announcement said Mega Ampharos was being released?

None. But it is the surprise Mega mentioned in the January overview. The energy for it has been put in game yesterday (Monday).

I haven’t been catching up with PvE stats recently. May I ask two questions on the DPS spreadsheet:

  1. Does mega boost itself? (Does Mega Ampharos give itself a 30% attack boost?)
  2. If so, does the spreadsheet include the 30% boost already, or is the Ampharos’ DPS without 30% boost?


Your mega’s damage boost won’t apply to itself (only other Pokemon in the raid). However, if there are two megas active in a raid at the same time, they will boost each other. So Mega Ampharos’s DPS in the spreadsheet should be without the 30% boost.

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As far as I’m concerned, this is Mega Ampharos’s #1 selling point lol.

Also, can we take a moment to appreciate the ridiculous deadpan expression it has? :rofl:



Also, can we take a moment to appreciate the ridiculous deadpan expression it has? :rofl:



Good job it’s a sheep and not a tiger