Mega-Charizard Solo Raid

I was waiting for this one for a long time:

Pretty doable raid I must say. However, what I don’t get is why I’ve got so many phantom hits and many of my Rampardos were withdrawn without doing anything. I lost my shit through the last half of the video (The voice wasn’t mines, it was from a clip of a Poketuber who’s really funny when he loses his mind lol), cause I can’t believe I’ve got bugs three or four times in total, even after relobbying. This happens because of the huge difference bewteen Mega-Charizard Y’s attack and Rampardos’s defense? I feel this happens to him often but I’m still not sure.

Anyway, I’ll try Mega-Zard X when I find windy weather. Lots of shadow dragons are needed. Not XL, but a full team of them.


Finally one that I can do, instead of watching jealously from afar :sweat_smile:. Not as technically savvy as you so I snapped quick scrrenshots instead. 1st go was great until the last minute when it threw every bug going at me and I missed by, probably, 7-8 seconds. Completely see what you mean about the Rampardos bug, it’s so maddening. It didn’t act up with my Sh.Ttars.

2nd try was charmed - got all the luck, everything got off that last charge move before fainting and I was so far ahead by relobby I just used the Rhyperior that was already autoselected

Zard X looks doable and I have the Sh.Mence - albeit I’d have to use 6 ECTM for Outrage.


Nice! You got it as well! Congrats ! :clap:

I’m trying the Mega-Zard X right now on windy weather and I can’t get it yet. My team is:

  • XL Shadow Dragonite 98%
  • Lv.40 Shadow Salamence
  • Lv. 40 Shadow Dragonite (3x)
  • Lv. 40 Mega-Latios

I’m still a little far behind! That thing is a monster! I kept being assaulted by phantom damage every so often but if the bugs don’t come in my way I’ll maybe get the solo.

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I know pokebattler isn’t clinically accurate but to me it looks a bit of a reach without mainly shadow mence.

That said, you’ve achieved some amazing results before, so I can’t for one second say it’s impossible. I really hope you do it.

Pokebattler isn’t as reliable as it was back in the day but I generally got the info from gamepress itself. Pokebattler and Silphroad are mostly for difficulty ratings.

Well, thank you for believing on my buffed mons. Here was the result: Mega-Charizard X Solo Raid (Windy)

I have a 100% Rampardos and three RW Rhyperiors (one 100%, two 98%) at level 40.

If I had two 3* shadow SD Tyranitars, I would be able to solo Mega Charizard Y in neutral weather.

The great tragedy is that I did have two 3* shadow Larvitars and purified both to get SD on Larvitar CD (which was long before the introduction of shadow boost or TMing away Frustration).

Which Rockets (if any) currently provide Shadow Larvitar?

It’s the rare (2nd tier) reward from the rock one but that’s it at present.

If you have an Aerodactyl you can mega that, or Terrakion has nearly as much DPS.

My attempts were really disparate - missed by quite a few seconds, then second time made it with 30 spare. So, I’m not sure if what you have might squeeze through anyway. That said, Rampardos and it’s high DPS and 2-bar move to save energy wastage seem to really help. With RW being 2-bar and it being a bit more robust it might be the difference?