Mega planning

So my brain is boggled at sheerly how to handle these Mega Evolutions.

Getting their energy outside of actually raiding them has proven cumbersome and inconvenient, so I was wondering what everyone’s plans with handling them on your teams are?

I was actually thinking of raising a Houndoom to max, buying it a second charged move, and having it pull double duty as a Dark or Fire attacker. I know it isnt as good as Zard Y for Fire and will probably not be as good as Mega T Tar whenever we get it, but it will still be amazing at either and would arguably be much more resource efficient. I wouldn’t have to worry constantly about maintaining everything’s Mega Energy if I can limit the Pokemon whose energy I’m concerned with in the first place.


Your strategy I agree with, your example maybe not for me, simply because next month you’ll get an excellent chance to get a BB shiny Charizard. I said this somewhere else not more than a few hours ago, after doing your (hopefully 3) mega raids to get that initial mega energy, walking is the most effective way to get mega energy. But each Km you walk for mega energy is a Km you’re not earning candy for another, permanent, mon.

For me, the bigger benefit of mega’s in anything where it matters is the bonus to other people. Need an ice-type Mega for Ray? No you don’t, it’s an easy duo with anything ice based. Kyogre and Groudon, where the trio is viable but difficult without top tier teams, the right mega might make the difference.

For your strategy for the foreseeable future, maybe have a look at what will be the likely next few T5’s and plan from there? Is there something that can play against two or three or the likely future new releases?

Ttar is the biggest shame for me as you can’t 2-move the fast move, meaning if you wanted to double it up as dark and rock, you’d have to leave it with Smack Down even when you fought dark-weak stuff. As ever, maybe someone who knows the maths can suggest whether that will matter or not?

So, in short, absolutely the right idea in my opinion and it’s something I’ll likely copy.

Did that for mega Beedrill (bug and poison, though I only used bug until now) and I think it’s nice. Depending on the number of charged TMs in your inventory and movepool of the mon I would not necessarily two-move the mega - houndoom is on the edge - but yes.

Mega Tyranitar is disappointing to me. On the rock side it has lower DPS than Mega Aerodactyl, with higher TDO though, it’s stuck with the bad 1-bar Stone Edge. Better on the dark side with 3-bar Crunch, but it’s still worse than Mega Houndoom overall. Also as you said, it can’t do two jobs together. I’ll just use Mega Aerodactyl/Houndoom.

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Don’t worry, Mega Houndoom is better than Mega Tyranitar.

…and there, I think, lies the ultimate answer. Although I’m still personally looking forward to my shiny Blast Burn Charizard Y.

Once you get the initial energy to Mega it, you can get the rest you need from “walking” it.

I quote “walking”, because if you have any other phone (or tablet) other than an iPhone/Pad you may be able to turn off WiFi and Bluetooth scanning in the locations setting which may allow your account to roam.

I will do 2 more Mega Ampheros raids to activate it, and then roam it to 2k energy by Friday

I hate your phone. I haven’t had one that consistently drifts, or drifts at all, for a couple of years now.

Get a phone rocker

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I suspect you don’t have cats. :laughing:


The older the phone the more it roams

But Tyranitar has better defence and stamina so its effect (+30% boost) as a mega will last longer… wich also could make a difference.

Yeah, so this is more favourable for large groups. Similar to the difference between Mega Ampharos and Mega Manectric.

Am I right in thinking Ttar is the only decent rock mega? Expecting someone to point out a really obvious one I’ve missed but I can’t see it.

Mega Aerodactyl should be pretty solid. If Diancie gets a decent moveset, there’s another one.

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I will do 2 more Mega Ampheros raids to activate it, and then roam it to 2k energy by Friday

It was a good plan, but there seems to be a problem at the moment with walking mega energy for it… as in it doesn’t gain any :rofl:

Currently at 45km, excited the whole time… 0 mega energy so far instead of 450. Will most likely switch to Houndoom for tonight

Mega Aerodactyl is more valuable in terms of speed. Mega Tyranitar’s advantage is again the longer surviving time. None of them reaches Rampardos’ level of DPS.

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Have you mega-evolved it?

Only once you made the MegaEvolution you can gain energy by walking.

Yeah, I evolved it on Wednesday.

There was a problem where they hadn’t activated walking for mega energy on it, which was only working properly less than 24 hours ago.

It now works fine and I’m up to 420 for now. Will most likely max it out by next Tuesday evening as I am now at home for the weekend

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Just realizing Mega Snowman is gone. Never even hit him once, if I had seen something that said heads up, he’s leaving I’d have made a point of it, but I don’t think I missed it. They announced Mega Ampy and mentioned Mega’s changing but I didn’t take it to mean the Snowman was leaving.

Sure he’ll be back, just the completionist in me rankled.