Mega Pokemon clarifications

I know that Mega Evolves is all speculation at this point. But IF there is a somewhat predicable mega evolve (and primal), can anyone please list the species that:

A: will be the top PVE attacker of a type
B: will be a “meta” pokemon (Top 20ish) in the Master League and Premier Master League

I appreciate the time and effort. I am just trying to plan out my resources efficiently. Thanks!

They’re all speculations at the moment, but here is one of the infographs.


Ooooooo awesome, thank you!

This is PVE evidently?

I believe so. The movesets listed are optimal for PvP.

No one is able to do a real analysis on PvP without knowing how mega works. Just a simple change on moveset or CP calculation will change everything.

As examples, if they add shadow claw and dragon claw on a 6000 CP Mega-Rayquaza, we will be seeing a lot of those and less giratina. If no moveset changes and only a small increase in stats, we won’t be seeing many Mega-Rays at all. Or, what if mega is based on best buddy and you can only bring one to PvP, then you will have to pick one that covers rest of your team. Again, it all depends on what Niantic decides to do.

Some have predicted the CP for mega evolutions. Again, they’re speculations only.

All you can do for now are saving the Elite TMs, candies, and stardusts :slight_smile:

A temporary transformation like in the main games would be far to hard to implement in Go, all Pokemon currently in game that have temp form changes in them have them permanent in Go, so I doubt it will only be active while they are a buddy. I also think that moveset changes are unlikely as many of those eligible have community day moves and having to lose those to Mega Evolve would piss to many people off.

I also really question that tier projection chart on a number of fronts though the most obvious is placing Charizard X higher than Charizard Y even though the latter has better stats across the board with Go’s conversation formula, though X will likely be better in PvP.

Mega Glalie being better than Mega Abomasnow is kinda BS. Sure, Aboma has more weaknesses, but with Weather Ball Ice, it has a bit more DPS and quite a bit more bulk than Glalie. It‘ll be a great counter to anything weak to Ice in my opinion.

I agree with the permanent evolution, doubt Niantic would be able to implement a temporary form with the game as evidence so far. As for the best buddy part, it could be a requisite just to be able to evolve the pkm, it sound tedious but it’s possible.
As for the moveset…while I agree that many people will piss off(included myself), looking of how the game have been greedy treated during these quarantine times, I am pretty sure they are able of giving, lets say Mega Charizard Fireblast as a fire move and keep Blast burn as a new Community day move for next year, even if the original Charizard you evolve already have it.

Maybe to mega evolve/Primal reverse a Pokémon will need to be best buddies and actively your buddy, if megas are added in this way maybe buddy ribbons would have a mega stone in the center…

The more I look at that chart the less sense it makes. The person who made it must have been drunk to come up with some of those placements

I wouldn’t call them drunk. They spent time making these and probably did this for free. If you disagree with the chart, feel free to come up with your own so others can learn from you.