Mega Raids - Pidgeot & Houndoom


I am not sure if I should ask this question since it seems like players really hate the mega evolutions and raids. I know that the mega evolution raids has severely tanked or it seems like it to me.

I am wondering if anyone has done the mega Pidgeot raid? Or the very least has a Pidgeot? I never kept any pidgeys on my run to level 40. Wondering how much mega energy Pidgeot requires to mega evolve and if the mega energy can be farmed from the field research tasks.

Trying to do the same for Houndoom when it is released. I could care less about Pidgeot but I have him…,

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Pidgeot needs 100 energy for it´s initial Mega evo, and I assume 20 afterwards. Dunno if there are any quests for it. I´d assume Houndoom will be 200/50?, like the starters.

Your question has been answered above but I wouldn’t ever “not ask” because it’s not a popular topic. We’re all just random people on the internet with an opinion.

I’ve never kept a pidgey either and after getting over the “entry fee” for mega houndoom, the “rent” after that isn’t so expensive it’ll cripple you (how many people will pay the equivalent of 15 remote passes for an elite fast TM tomorrow?) if you’ve got that hundo and want to use it loads as a mega, why the hell not. It’s a hundo, enjoy it every chance you get. Each to their own, I’m still waiting to go lucky friends with someone so I can max a shiny lucky ludicolo.



Thank you for your reply. Now I have a good idea that I will have to do a couple mega Houndoom raids.


I do get insecure about asking questions on unpopular topics. So thank you for being supportive.

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Mega Pidgeot and Mega Houdoom are cute
Houdoom has more of an aggressive disposition but still cute

You think everything is cute, honestly :stuck_out_tongue:

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@Haruka_the_Sylveon :smile:

@Zuccy123 :grin:

Good to have happy disposition.

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Everything but fire, fighting and steel types ;_; with some specific exceptions (Flareon, Delphox, Mega-Loppuny, Empoleon, Aggron and maybe Vulpix)

You are one person who makes me wanna come back to this community, Haruka. Just thought I’d log in just to say that, since Gamepress accounts are forever it seems. Not coming back though.
Love you

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my boi growlithe and arcanine are good bois. and cute too

I cause very definite impressions on people ;p
Some get the best and some the worst. Even in this community I’ve given both.
Glad you got the good side ☆☆☆

Sure thing! Those I said are pokemon I find cute, but only applies to myself.
Gotta brag your little cuties sometime