Megahorn buff

It appears that Megahorn’s power was buffed from 90 to 110 yesterday. This buff is notably beneficial to Escavalier, who lost X-Scissor at the moment it was released.

Escavalier is now equal to Pinsir judging by the numbers, with a steel type added to the mix. Volcarona and Genesect will be stronger than the buffed Escavalier when they are released, however.

Megahorn is still a one bar charge move, so inconsistency and energy loss will be a problem

That being said, can they finally give Heracross Bug Bite? Struggle Bug is painfully bad


They probably gave Heracross Struggle Bug instead of Bug Bite because of its regional status. Making a regional meta-defining or strongest in its type would give one part of the world an unfair advantage over the rest of the world.

Now that trading and lucky friends is a thing, said advantage goes kind of away. I myself have a 98% lucky heracross and I live in Europe and have never been to country outside of said continent. Sooner or later we will also see an event where regionals will be once again available globally, like it was with the kanto regionals and zangoose/seviper.

That beig said, even with Bug Bite there will be Volcarona, which has better stats, so Heracross wouldn’t take the top spot.
As of the fighting type, I think it’s fair to say that people who live in its region had an advantage when it came to getting cheap fighting counters. Sure machamp was better, but it’s not like one could catch wild final stage evolutions of it on a daily basis…

I really don’t like it when species are enrfed just cause they don’t spawn everywhere. Granted Tauros, Corsola and such will never be useful for raids, but our regional benefited a lot from the psychic buff and believe it or not, one can solo Machamp with just mr.mime and it actually makes a decent budget counter for new players who lack a proper team.

Also aren’t Heracross and Tropius really good in pvp? And Heracross is now probably also a very good counter in rocket battles, since Megahorn is a way better move there than in pve and Heracross has counter which is one of the best fast moves. Here lies perhaps the biggest problem when it comes to balancing done by Niantic, since they are very inconsistent.


Ok, it’s a thing, that does not ake it easy. It’s like saying Lucario is a thing so you go build a team of 6 if you want. I met one person who had Heracrosses to trade once, just once. We started exchanging gifts to cut down the cost of a trade, and then the gift exchange ran out… He must have found someone making a better offer!

I better not comment on this then heh cough 100% brag tread cough

That being said Heracross is out of the regionals not that hard to get, since it spawns in places where people actually go on a vacation.

Hahaha ok let’s do that, it’s friday, we don’t want to start the week-end on a bad mood :joy:

Oh, it won’t be me who would have the bad mood regarding the lucario team I have :slight_smile:

My thoughts exactly :slight_smile:

Niantic could globally release Heracross with Bug Bite or Fury Cutter through a raid day. With that and a buffed Megahorn, Heracross would overtake Pinsir, but remain strictly inferior to Volcarona and Genesect. Megahorn would need at least 120 BP for Heracross to have comparable DPS to Volcarona.

Look I’m just glad my :100: Nidoking can be of more use leave me alone


Also, in our region Heracross its an extremely common spawn, you are guaranteed to find one any day, any biome and many times you find them boosted by our most common weather conditions: cloudy and rainy (talking about Costa Rica) so it is a really good budget option. I have saved about 20 really high lvl 30 to 35 for my trip to Spain later on this year :)

Mine isn’t a hundo, but has Fury Cutter - there’s a lot I can do with that.

OH THAT’S RIGHT. I have an old one with FC too. Hmmm…

On the topic of regionals being powerful Tropius says high. It was banned in multiple Silph Cups mainly because of its power and partly because it’s a regional. Azelf was also one of the top Psychic attackers when it was released and only lost it’s power because Psychic got buffed.

Someone here needs a heracross??? I have probably more than 25 in stock now, catch 5 or 6 a day

Too bad you can only trade locally.

They should seriously implement distance trading. 1 such trade per 14 days with a best freind would be nice and would also solve the problem of becoming lucky freinds with someone who doesn’t live nearby.


Yep but if you make an alt account, lvl 1, and give the password to someone in the other half of the world…
I can catch the mon in that account when I find it, and in a few hours you can trade from that account to yours.
I know, having more than one account is against the rules, but spoofing too, and spoofers always brag about having anything and are in a real advantage. This taste like justice, and without spoofing

Totally agreed. Distance trading should be available for best friends. It’ll make lucky trades a lot easier. The lack of distance trading is the main reason why I have two accounts.