Megaman Superhero Help

With only a couple days left, I wanted to get a feel on how people are handling the Solo difficulty and if they had any advice to share.

Most of my non-controlled team just dies to AoE and I cant tell of they are just under equipped or I’m not moving properly.

I only beat it once. Team was Gleuden, Gleo, Lily, and H!Lowen. I controlled H!Lowen and had phoenix for emergency heal. What is definitively going to kill your AI is his charge shots in OD. Before he charge shots he always fires normal bullets at your team. When he’s done he’ll start flashing/charging up. Learning to i-frame the charge shot should up your ai survival rate, but its still a close dps race.

Did you ever have any luck on the event? I was literally down to the last few hours before I completed it myself!

I got to where Megaman goes into overdrive and I’d get wrecked - literally all my AI would get destroyed by a couple stray shots … either up close when he feathered his blaster or in random areas when he did the multi-shot lead ball.

My winning comp involved having a phoenix on hold to swap to and heal anytime he popped one of those annoying attacks, while also manually controlling any melee hero that was getting too close during the blaster spray.

I’m sure a decent bit is RNG related, but I do think you really needed solid gear.

Ah! And Megaman being on the team was huge - getting that boost to drop the opposing megaman out of Overdrive was really critical to winning the fights.

Hopefully they have another similar event in the future. I actually loved it and the wyrmprints that were part of the event were pretty nice too. While they don’t have great Might values, they are realy unique, even without the event boost attached to them!