Megas in Ultra or Great League

Not including the uncapped league Masters because the CP, let’s pretend they allowed Megas only in the capped leagues. Ultra/Great/Specialty Cups.

Megas wouldn’t be OP because they’d be CP limited, but they would offer some different types.

Ignoring the cost factor, are there any megas you think would be interesting in a Capped league to try?

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Only ones worth using in UL would be Altaria, Sableye, Mawile, and Medicham. Maybe Pidgeot but that’s pretty iffy since I think it loses a lot of bulk. Most aren’t worth it in GL aside from Altaria for its unique typing. The rest are either way higher CP and/or lose a lot of bulk to their Mega stats so there’d be no purpose in using them in capped leagues.


My first thought was basically the same since the thing about Mega Evolving is Stamina doesn’t increase. Attack/Defense do. So any Mega evolution is going to be glassier than its non-mega cousin with a greater portion of its CP devoted to attack. But then I thought about Shadows which are used in PVP.

What I was curious was would would a Mega serve as somewhere between a Regular and Shadow in terms of functionality. Less Glassy then a shadow but more glassy than a normal

But I’ll admit my logic might be off hence why I asked :>

The thing that makes Shadows great is the extra attack isn’t factored into their CP so they can have more bulk (basically HP) than if they actually had 10% more attack stat. Megas don’t have that bonus so +10% attack means they top out in CP at a lower level and have less overall stats, especially HP.

tl;dr having the stats like a Shadow (+10% attack/-10% def) does not equate to the same stat product.

Mega sableye in great league has more bulk than sableye. If megas are allowed someday and M-sableye is available, It’ll be the best option of the two

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