How many megas have you got leveled up?

Do you have at least one for every type?

This is the merry-go-round of my megas:

  1. See a thread like this/event/other thing reminds me of megas
  2. Swear every time I’ll remember to evolve one a day because it’s free
  3. Forget the above
  4. Have a rare occasion where I’d like the additional XL chance, swear liberally because I’ve forgotten to up any mega levels, mega evolve something that day
  5. Forget again
  6. Go back to 1.

Think I have one, maybe M.Zard Y, at L3, everything else in various states of 3-10 mega evolves.


This is me. And usually the only time I want the extra XL candy is CD. Megas just aren’t a priority for me. I almost always have enough people to win the raid and win quickly. Also getting XL candy is too much of a slog. I thought that we would’ve gotten more ways to get XL candy, or at least easier and less expensive ways, but that isn’t the case.

At the moment I have a little over 30 mons who have been mega evolved at least once, 6 reached max level. Many of them I just mega evolved to unlock the dex entry: regular, shiny version if I have it, and one additional for missing gender if needed). I also mega evolve the powered-up mons I have. I try to mega evolve all these mons somewhat regularly for the medal and if I can spare a mega evolution for a good event later I try to plan around that. However, it happens that several days can go by and I have forgotten to evolve any of them. Seems like I’m not the only one though (Hi @Oaf & @Jph914!).

I lack a proper mega-evo for the ghost type (big yikes), electric type (lesser yikes), or normal type (no yikes at all). I have most of the rest covered though.

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And as I wrote that and mega evolved a couple more mons, I finally got the gold medal for it. 500 mega evolutions done, and 500 to go!

2 mega Charizards around 2.7

1 Latios around 2.4

1 Gengar at 2.5

1 Pidgeot at 2

1 Beedrill at 2

1 Swampert near to 2

1 Blaziken near to 2

Steelix at 1

1 Gyarados at 2.5

I only started to mega evolve only after Niantic’s update to mega evolution system. So I will thank them for this.

Far from saying the current system is ideal but yeah, the revamp mega evolution system definitely got me more invested in taking care of this aspect of the game

12 megas all either 10 or 11 more evolves from finishing. Try to do at least one a day, don’t always.

My Mega Pokedex is complete.
I have at least 1 of each at Max Mega Level, except Gardevoir, Aggron, Glalie, Salamence, Kyorge, Groudon, and Medicham, mostly because these are the newest Megas, and I typically only do enough Mega Raids to do the initial evolve. Then I wait for their cooldowns to level them up. Sometimes if I know I’m going to use them often (Salamence, Groudon) I’ll walk them for a little extra energy.
I have a few that are max’d level and am working on shiny versions just because. Blastoise, Gengar, Aerodacytl, Scizor, Swampert, Latios. I plan to do more shinies in the future, but it’s not a huge priority since I’ll need to use my buddy slot to get the energy. If I get a hundo of one I already have max level’d, I’ll probably do the Hundo at some point. Have done this with Steelix.

Like everyone else on here, I am bad about remembering to do it. Though, I try to do two a day.

I’ve done Mega evolutions of 30 of the 34 available megas. (I’ll do a Medicham once I fomd one of those raids, later today).

I have the Mega tag for my pokemon and have been trying to get one regular and one of each since since for ever, but there are gaps. 52 of my Pokemon have this tag.

I have have 8 pokemon at the maximum Mega level. That covers all typing except: Normal, Fighting, Electric, Rock, Fairy, and Bug.

Buneary is 6 evolves away (Normal/Fighting), Manectric is 1 evolve away (Electric), Altaria is 2 away (Fairy), Beedrill is 4 away (Bug), and Aerodactyl is the farthest away at 14 (Rock).

I try to do exclusively Hundos or rather high level shinies and rarely use actual menergy.

I personally check every 2-3 days and mega evolve anything that requires less than 10 mega energy. I do not wait for the 8 hours.

Then if I remember I will use the megaevolution to try to scrape a few more XL on a raid. I will only use the mega for the damage boost if I need it to short man the raid (has only happened once or twice since megas were introduced).

The main gain is for events like community days, spotlight hours or situations when the same type of pokemon is going to spawn often in the wild.

I don’t bother “leveling up” Mega rank. Don’t see the point, especially since I have no interest in gathering Xl candy. If I need it for a raid, I’ll use the Mega but that’s it.

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Having just evolved my L50 shiny, party hat gengar, I’ve realised I’ve got one that’s only 10 evolutions from max level.

I’ve also just learned that you can mega evolve everything one after thr other, mega evolving something bumps your current mega back to normal again.

Now I can do a full series of each mega once per day while I watch some TV.

A new daily chore delivered by Niantic !!!

I’m alright with that . That way when I remember it I can do all my megas, I’ve tagged my definitive megas and have 16 of them, waiting on one last lucky trade before I finalise my Groudon. Takes about the same time as evolving 16 pidgeys. Doing all of them was still massively quicker than doing one round of buddy interactions.