Melee-focused AR-D?!

One of the things that came up in the Kempf thread is that there are a few good ways for offense to prevent a far save tank from getting candlelighted if Kempf is on the defense. Then I thought, what if it doesn’t matter? What if the defense is two mythics, blue Selena (just to keep them honest, make them bring something to deal with ranged units, plus the windsweep can create problems), Kempf, S.Caeda, some lance cavalier with exceptional offenses, and an extra refresher or a far save just to shut down the Lynjas? Better still if there’s a Nott or two, to help extend threat ranges, and let’s not forget that melee units can galeforce.

So I made a list of potential melee attackers.

Red: probably the least important because Kempf is red.
E.Chrom (flow refresh) - Sealed Falchion has an impact and proper support for his high atk and def
Regular Sigurd?
Ayra (NFU + TP)
Kurthnaga or even A.Tiki - curveballs to counter slowtanks and the fact that near saves often aren’t expecting to take hits to their res. These dragons will merge their spd stats into the 30s, can get a +4 or +6 from a seal, can use NFU, can use impacts, and have the bulk to straight up tank a bonfire. Or they can just use lantern breath.
Armoursmashers, because the one near saver that blocks this kind of damage without sacrificing the A-slot is blue anyways.

B.Eirika (not great with Kempf because she enjoys letting the counterattack charge her special)
B.Eliwood (S/D trace? helps him get out of the way so the next attacker can pile on)
Ingrid (flow refresh)
M.Kana - see note on Kurthnaga / A.Tiki
beserk M.Corrin - protects against instant specials with guard prf
probably cavalier / lance fliers I forgot about

bride Catria
Vyland (flow refresh - an wield a hammer and still cause B.Hector problems)

P.Tibarn - forced double tends to crack forced undoubles
F.Edelgard (maybe can make her transform using Duma and also have him give her armour march. Bonfire will create damage.)

(Aside: also gave me the idea, why not go with B.Alm / flow refresh Ingrid + flash staff + attack with a bunch of ranged units? The point being that the melee unit brings their own sweep while flash support is provided for 2-range combat. For example: 2 mythics, far save, B.Alm, flash, Y.Innes or other bow/dagger, duo Lif. Maybe even better, give Otr firesweep + trace + poison strike)

Let’s make an example team using what I worked out there:
Cavalry healer with strong offensive stats
Far save
Kempf - aggressive build so that he kills stuff that handles him badly and so that he dies instead of hogging the spot.
B.Eliwood with S/D trace and poison strike - that way he will attack before Caeda and then get out of the way.

What do you think? Could work? Wouldn’t work?


I don’t know about Kempf specifically, but my defense this week is basically what you’re describing. I got 3 (!!!) B!Catrias in ~100 orbs on the DSH banner, so I foddered one and am trying a Catria Ball this season. Right now, my defense has:

Ótr (bonus, offensive build)
B!Edelgard (Near Save)
B!Hector (Far Save)
Seiros (Impact offensive build)
L!Azura (hybrid nuke/dancer build)
L!Lilina (standard LnD 7 nuke)

Only two units are ranged, and one of them is the dancer. This specific set-up is rare since it’s Water/Fire season for the Legendaries and there are three axes since Ótr is the bonus Mythic, which I try to avoid. But, it smashed the first opponent on their first EP, and they had OG Micaiah and B!Edelgard.

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