Memorial quest free tickets thread

Post your results here! They feel way easier than last year, but free tickets!


I’ve beaten all of them but this is the only one that I took screenshots for the first time


Melt tears through part 1 (and 1.5, and 2)

The Saber we shouldve gotten at Shimusa:

Need Gong coins to get rid of Musashi and facilitate Solo here


Did them all, only one I had some slight trouble on is AA (Kama deleted, Limbo and a bar off of AA) since I forgot he buff wipes, luckily I had a backline Yang soaking up Bond to clean up.

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Almost Gonged Arjuna, but wasn’t quite enough.
If I sacrifice one CS I think I can pull it off, but at that point so can many units.
This was what I was trying:


-start: All skills on supports
swap Reines for Tamamo
use Tamamo Skills
Turn 1: Waver + Gong NP to kill Alter Ego
Turn 2: not enough charge to go around
support waver gives charge
AA Nukes the frontline
support waver dies
my waver and gong survive due to defense buffs
Turn 3: Beni comes in with needed 20% charge and buff block
Bar one is nuked
Arjuna kills someone most likely, can put taunt on Waver to protecc Gonglin
Turn 4: Arjuna gives massive defense down debuff and Reines comes back in.

Not enough charge to finish, and Np won’t do enough damage even with CS if you wait this long.
CS best used to make it a 3-turn, not on turn 4.

Will play around with it later if I get the chance.

Barely cleared it :sweat_smile:


I hate that AA memorial quest. I’ll clear it tomorrow when I can brute force it with a command seal revive.


I almost managed to 3T the AA memorial quest with, fittingly enough, my own Junao. I NPd down Limbo with the help of Waver and Merlin batteries. Against AA, first I used Merlin’s invul, then switched out Waver for Birb, equipped with Poster Girl. Used her anti-buff-removal skill, then did a Brave Chain with Junao and crit AA down. AA did his break buff wipe, but it didn’t work, then he did his NP, which only “switched out” Birb. He also focused down on my Junao, which refilled his NP to 80%. In place of Bird, Support Merlin switches in, I do an NPAB brave chain… and Junao whiffed on a 90% crit chance buster card, meaning AA survived with like 7k health. If not for that, this could’ve been a cleat 3T. RNG, amirite?


Good Ol’ X-COM rules. If the number displayed is below 50% it shows your chance to succeed, if the number is above 50% it shows your chance to fail.


Today I went with good old DSS Kama for both fights.

Nearly fucked up the Arjuna fight, I didn’t remember the buff stripping but Yang came to the rescue…

And the last one, well…

Waiting for the costumes unlocks now.


Haven’t finished the final two yet, but so far I’ve used a very diverse roster of units.

Singularity 1

Singularity 4

Singularity 6


Pseudo-Singularity I

Pseudo-Singularity III

Lostbelt 1

Lostbelt 2


Waiting for Castoria for more shenanigans

But puny gods are nothing

Buff Nobu-> swap out Nobu for…Nobu-> kill ghost with Nobu → let everyone die then 2-turn Nobu solo

Nobbu Nobbu

Full Shiki solo. 2x facecards to proc guts then NP


I wasn’t able to approach this quest in the following manner when Lostbelt 4 originally released, but thanks to the memorial quest I’m given another chance.

Note that Turn 1 was in between low and medium roll on NP damage.

No Black Grail, so this entire setup was dependent on early Appends



I just brute force my way out again :fgo_gudako:

Marie Antoinette v Bobblehead and Norse harem 3T

I was deeply unsatisfied with my AA kill so I did it again :fgo_mariethuglife:


here’s mine for now as i wait for castoria runs, and wait till after maid alter is level 120. so maybe on monday or tuesday.

forced support actually is a good thing.

haha. hahaha. hahahahahaha.

daishouri 4 turn in lostbelt 2.

golden boy causing a traffic accident with a bunch of hit and runs on his motorcycle.


The LB5 quest was the biggest joke - after being too lazy to actually solve the LB4 quest and just CS-rezzing with DSS Shishou on the frontline for Godjuna’s second bar, DSS ToC Jack with plug Reines 2-turned the Cerberus without even blinking. NP and a Q T1, strip the invuln with Jack’s S2 and she only needed on Skadi’s battery (so even the Reines turned out to be optional). NP to break the Guts and then a pair of Quick crits consigned the oversized doggo to the grave.


I had a rough time with AA, even though i’m pretty flush with Foreigners, that damage resistance and debuff immunity is really annoying.
I borrowed a Kama to help with Limbo but it still took about 4 tries (I even used some seals on a last stand XX but he still bustered her down in one turn)

AA memorial could’ve been so fun without Limbo, he completely ruins any foreigner comp i wanted to try. Dumb useless ghost.