[merchpost] the best Ike content of the year finally arrived :feh_ikeheated:

Hey all, welcome back to one of my useless threads :catwave: Today I’m sharing with you a piece of merch I’ve been waiting for for a long time: the 1/7 scale Ike figure. Normally when I buy figures, I usually get ones on the cheaper side like Pop-Up Parades or Nendoroids and not the expensive scale ones, but this one is Ike so I had to make an exception :fgo_kiyo:

He went up for preorder waaaay back in March 2021, and the preorders were slated to ship in July of this year (I was surprised to see him ship in mid-June :feh_nino:). And now today, he has finally arrived!

sorry about the bad view of inside the box, but he is in there

After taking him out and assembling the pieces (his cape+pauldron, rest of his headband, and Ragnell’s blade were detached so you have to manually put them on), he looks like this:

I apologize for the setup lol I wasn’t sure where else to put him, his Ragnell reaches too high to put him on the shelf below

Truly beautiful and captures him in all his badass glory :feh_bylethawe: he looks much better in person than in the pictures I swear

And an obligatory “don’t talk to me or my son ever again”/Ike amiibo comparison pic:

This was well worth the wait and I’m glad he’s finally here! Now I just have to find a good place to put him that isn’t just in front of my TV :catroll:

I have more merch on the way (but featuring my other man Dimitri and his plush), so I’ll update this thread eventually when it arrives so I don’t make another useless thread. :feh_nino: Dimitri also has a Pop-Up Parade figure coming up soon that I’ll be sure to grab at some point, so keep an eye out if you’re interested :eyes:

Before I finish, there was another GP user who is a fellow Ike enjoyer and they also liked collecting FE merch, but I haven’t seen them since Ike got his refine. I wonder how they’re doing and if they got this too? :feh_eirikathink:

That’s all from me for now, thanks if you read this and have a great day :fgo_ereshlove:


Small Ike is about to fucking die


Glad you got him, he looks great and is amazing to have merch of your favorite characters, I have a Meta Knight plushie from the kirby anime and is amazing.


Why do I hear the smash bros announcer saying “GAME”


Back in the day when brawl was a thing whenever Ike would say aether as a child I always thought he was saying pizza

Amiibo Ike about to be fucking pizza’d


But excellent Ikes noomdles the big boy looks great


Yeah before knowing fire emblem, I played Brawl and I thought he said the same.


Really tho, the details are nice. A lot of work went into this. It looks official too. :feh_sigurdeyes: IntSys can do things right sometimes. Congrats!

I’d like to get an Ike figure bigger than my Smash amiibo, but I barely have room for what I’ve got now


Daaaamn, that looks great Noodles! :feh_ikestare:


I have never been so envious of someone in this forum before.


I always thought it was “Ethan” back then. Always thought “who the heck is Ethan?”


How can someone be so menacing and such a badass, yet so beautiful at the same time :feh_bigbeauty: :sparkles: :sparkling_heart:

I’m kinda jelly ngl.

Congrats noodles!! :feh_ikestare: :sparkles: he looks awesome!


Congrats. That really is one awesome figure. Although they always make good stuff as my Tharja and Cordelia can attest.

Edit: a good day for figures as the one I’d ordered arrived today too. Not Ike, the lead from an anime.

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