Merge big axe boy hector or keep one and fodder for DC

I pulled two hectors. I normally dont use armored units because they can only move 1 space and i have yet to get armor march. I was wondering if i should just merge or keep one for fodder dc.

Also i would be interested in a build that would annhilate all things in his way. His base kit seems pretty good. Maybe add a quickening pulse seal + infrantry pulse for maximum chaos slaughtering?


Imo, Hector is the best axe armor
I would reccomend merging for a mego Hector
However, what DC build do u have in mind?

Welcome!, I hope you enjoy the stay :birbpeek:.

I recommend merging, since he’s rare and this 17th you’ll have better odds to get OG Hector who has it, unless you’ve got better recipients for [Distant Counter]?, who are your candidates for it?.

Right now I only remember @Kroeger having a merged one so they may have a strong build :birbpeek: oh and…

Only available for infantry units & they’re the ones that get the special charge :elisad:

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Eh, there are more units that have DC fodder, like Nailah, or regular Hector.

I’d probably hold off on merging for right now, and if you don’t get any DC fodder in the near future then I’d consider doing one or the other.

My brain has been fried all day. I knew it would be to good to be true with infrantry pulse and quickening pulse lol. I dont have anyone in mind to be honest. I just dont know what to do with him. I pulled two halloween hectors and now i have these two bad boys. On top of that i have brave hector from the start

I dont really know what DC build id do. I just figured itd be nice to have one available for when the occasion rose to the challenge

Ah, it’s okay anyways :legion:.

:thinking: if you like you can share with us your barracks, at least the 5★ part of it, so we can figure out a candidate :birbpeek:.

Oh, what’ll you do with H!Hector?, if he’ll be fod be sure to also extract [Odd Follow-Up 3] since it’s unique & can be useful!

Is the only 5* i see in my barracks that might get some use of DC

Oh, she’s okay, this’ll let her use the adaptive damage on EP if the enemy attack is ranged, but will need somes work with her RES, you really don’t have anyone else?.

If that’s the case I recommend holding onto the two L!Hectors until you get some(s) from the weekly banner (to see what’ll be of them later) he’ll be in this 17th & if you have other 5★s you really can take shots from your barracks (we’ll recognize the units so don’t worry)

Peri has DC to tank mages with a +res/-sp. Hellbindi is also the same way but im rethinking the past decision of giving him DC. As his Iv’s are +Def/-hp . so his rest has a lot left to be desired. The rest either have it built into their weapon or are ranged units like f!takumi, Lute, and etc

Oh!, there’s an Ares, I think he makes great use of it, I’ve seen builds requiring [Distant Counter] but I don’t have how to test its effficiency, I don’t even remember anyone with it…

But since L!Hector also has [Vengeful Fighter 3] I recommend you either wait for an armor/dragarmor that doesn’t have both if you’re really set on foddering the L!Hector… or keeping both copies.
Sure you could fod only [Distant Counter] but after noticing the other skill I recommend it goes to an armor/dragarmor, so they can inherit both :ok_hand:t2:

Ill most likely just keep em and make it a project to get one or the other some merges.

Hmm, sounds good, merging him is the best option, all this fod is obtainable from a few units from the regular pool, besides he has [Ostia’s Pulse] which is great for helping charge specials on “tactical” teams (up to 1 or 2 units of each movement type)

Thats whats up. An off the topic question. A lot of the F! Heroes, are they obtained by certain banners or can you pull them reguarly on any? Ive fallen into an love of these heroee. I have f! Mareeta and f! Takumi. Itd be nice to make a fallen team as a themed build.

Oh!, they can appear as pitybreakers but they’re hard to get that way since it’s really unlikely to happen, one or more might return on a banner.

& if you like there’s F!Delthea:

(She’s a grail character)

I hope you can make real that themed team soon! :birbpeek:

Thank you. I appreciate that

Congratulation on getting 2 L!Hector (and even two with this sweet atk superboon! and one perfect iv)

If you merges your -res into the -spd one, you’ll get +3spd (kinda useless at low merges) +1atk and +1hp.

Personally, I would advise you to not merges him instantly (even if for me it would be worth it) because -spd is his best bane and doesn’t have a lot impact at low merges. (So i’ll take the +atk -spd and keep the other)

L!Hector can be builded in a lot of differents ways, and even more with +atk.

You could stick with his kit DC+ VF, slap aether on him, DD3/ def/res bond on S slot and you’re done. He’ll be insanely great with it because of his weapon that deny double and is very easy to activate, it turn him into a defensive powerhouse (outside of infantry with null follow-up) because only taking one hit up his bulkyness by A LOT, he could even be considered as a mixed tank with only 26 base res thanks to his prf effect.
You could also swap VF by SF for cd deny + acceleration and slap QR S slot (a classic build too)

You could also use a classic Brave axe + bold fighter, that also work wonderfull with his huge 44 base atk.

The only skill kinda hard to come by is BF. Aether for the sustain every two fight (or on the 3rd hit but it won’t regen much, because two hit at 62atk is often making the ennemy getting low on health.) Ignis for a 30dmg bomb every 3rd attack. Galeforce is also possible but you’ll need quickened pulse S slot for the situation where Hector will kill his first ennemy in only 2 hits.

You could also swap his prf for HoL but I wouldn’t advise for this because his prf is already REALLY strong (one of the strongest actually) defensively, his only weakness is null follow-up (but a lot of armored got messed hard by null follow-up)

If you want another cool build that work really nice, it’s this one :

It’s more for AR offense as galeforce armored team vs almost full ranged unit: The crux is to engage one, kill him, galeforce on another (and kill him), the other galeforcer who got DC/dc weapon (very important) kill two ther unit, and with DD4+DD3 Hector will be virtually indestructible for the 2 last units that’ll attack him and not the other galeforcer because Hector won’t hit back (and so the IA will count this attack as a “win” because they’ll deal more than 5dmg they suffered, that’s why they’ll hit Hector and not your other galeforcer) contrary to the other galeforcer that’ll hit back thanks to having dc/dc weapon
(this hector at +0/0 survive a +atk +10 LnD ophelia if he got +6res buff and kill her at your phase)

PS : unit builder because i don’t have a L!Hector at +0

Thats a lot of variety in builds. I think im going to stick to his orginal kit for now. I have h!illyana for bold fighter fodder however, she is looking interesting with an +res/-spd. Might be able to use her with Hector. Then again i really want to have an ultimate destroying hector. If going for an galeforce oriented build. Would having any dacer such as silvia be useful for extra mobility? She could act as support and an debuffer at the same time.

Im thinking of quickening pulse for s seal to proc more. And then his spd is so horendoious that he’ll get a -2 cd on his galeforce almost every time he gets attacked. Hmmm… So many options.