Merge Candidates

Thought it would be fun to hear what you guys have to say about these candidates. All of them are shown with any blessing boosts they’re expected to have in the modes for which the builds are shown.


AR offense: galeforce (teammate: Soleil)
B-skill is either lull atk/spd or desperation


AR offense: galeforce (teammate: B.Celica)
B-skill is lull atk/spd


AR offense: galeforce (teammate: Libra)
B-slot would probably be lull atk/spd

AR defense: frontliner
B-skill would be lull atk/spd
Would be supported by at least one distant guard to make him resistant to Reinhardt


AR offense: galeforce (teammate: Oscar)

AR defense: get danced and destroy

Arena: chip and run


AR offense: galeforce (teammate: Eliwood)

arena: chip and run

  • Oscar
  • Peri
  • Eliwood
  • Soleil
  • Libra
  • Other (specify in replies)

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That push skill on Peri seems like an odd choice is there a reason for it over something like fury?

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I dunno what we’re voting on, but Soleil is always bae(Assuming it’s who to work on first?).

Anyways, looking at the AR defense set she has it looks pretty deadly. Having her specifically as a Rally Trap allows her a pseudo 3-4 movement and can really mess some people up. Assuming she’s on an IP team? Otherwise I’d recommend Galeforce and Flashing Blade(As well as a buff to increase her speed even further to ensure a double).

Offense looks good. Not too familiar with Galeforce, but I imagine it gets the job done. Interesting to see Null F-P and especially IP on there.

Arena looks great. Assuming that’s where Null F-P comes into play. Plays support as well as debuffs and can either chip or kill if needed. She might do a little too much chip though…


Saizos Refine is pretty good. With B!Micaiah you can give her easily +6 to all stats. But yeah my opinion.

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She goes up to 37/39 defenses with lull atk and atk smoke to boot. The recoil will kill her faster than any unit without a forced double.

Once she drops below 100% HP the prf takes over. If I wasn’t using heavy blade I could consider atk/spd push 4 + mystic boost 2 but when OHKOs can be problematic for me, I want to see if I can keep the atk values just a bit lower

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The only reason I haven’t already gone for her is because B.Alm hits about as hard without merges and I could just use B.Celica on AR offense. (Sparkling Boost is really good with Double Lion, too)

NFU on offense is to block stuff like Thunder Armads, bold fighter, Great Flame, and the occasional wary fighter.

The arena offense build is an awkward question. If Surtr plants on a def tile it’s actually possible she can barely scratch him, but if we go armoursmasher then he dies really hard whenever he’s not on a def tile and sometimes even if he is.