Merge every last one of them! :feh_bylethawe: +10 Dimitri Emblem showcase

Hey there, everyone! :feh_hridexcited: I’ve been waiting so long to make this post, and now I finally can: I just finished max merging my last Dimitri alt thanks to the Forces of Will banner rerun! :fgo_ereshlove:

The banner wasn’t very kind to me aside from a random off-focus Midori that showed up, but I still got the last copy due to the spark, so it’s alright!

I think most people know, but for those who don’t, Dimitri is my absolute favorite FE character and I made it my goal in Feh to +10 all of his alts. :feh_flaynsmile: At first, I didn’t believe it was a viable goal for a F2P player (or low spender now that I bought Feh Pass twice) but the help of the people in the Orb Lounge Thread made it all possible. Thank you all so, so much! :fgo_ereshlove:

I swear, everytime I got close to finishing one alt, another one was released, lol. So I was sure IS would troll me by releasing Winter!Dimitri just before I got the last Dimi I needed, but thankfully that didn’t happen. Dimitri’s Beloved, L!F!Byleth, killed my orb stash instead, but that’s a different story.

And here’s all of them now! From the first to hit max merges to last.

Legendary Dimitri:

Basic, but very functional! He has a bunch other C slots to choose from, but I like increasing his mov for maps where I don’t need to increase his stats as much.

OG Dimitri:

Stacking that spd so I won’t need to rely on his wonky PRF, lol. Works surprisingly well, honestly! Sometimes I give him Slaying Lance so the enemy doesn’t need to hit him for Galeforce to activate, but otherwise I prefer Lofty Blossoms because it looks adorable.

Secondary build

I still need Near Trace fodder for it to properly work (so he can still hit and run), but I still love the build, so I wanted to show it off. :catwave:

Brave Dimitri:

I also gave him Swift Stance 3, but with the rise of anti-guard, I think Unity might be more worth it for now.

And last, but not least, Fallen Dimitri:

I… I didn’t believe how much better Ninja Naginata/Yari were over his PRF until N!Corrin died for it, lmao.

And of course I have a build without Galeforce just to hear his wonderful crit lines

Don’t struggle.

I would like to once again thank everyone that wished me luck and supported me through this journey, and I wish everyone here a wonderful day or night, since I finished writing it so late. :feh_sylvainlove:

Mentions (and a thousand apologies if anyone who wanted to be @ed wasn't shown here or vice versa, my list might be outdated)



CONGRATS TEA OMG :feh_hridexcited: They look amazing

I’m really happy for you, and it’s been so great to watch this journey over the years :fgo_ereshwoah: and really satisfying to see it done

I’m really happy for you, enjoy the boy :fgo_ereshhug:


YYYYEEEEAAAAHHHH!!! Let’s go Tea, congrats! This is awesome (and terrifying) but mainly awesome!

Now… What did it take? Nah, you don’t have to answer, but I will say I hope Dimitri gets something other than a Lance one day, haha! Seriously, congrats! You’re an inspiration to us all :feh_dimitrisalute:


@dimitrisnoodlehair you’ve got some catching up to do…

Wait… Now that teatime Is done… HE CAN DONATE TO YOUR FUND!!


I’ve been waiting for this :fgo_gaooo:

Huge congrats Tea, and your Dimitri squad looking amazing(ly stronk) as always :feh_navarreculture:

Here’s to seeing the next Dimitri alt at +10 when he releases :feh_dimitrisalute:



Really congrats Tea, I’m so happy that you finally +10ed all your boys, it must feel so good :fgo_serenityay:


Congrats. You always love to see such dedication to favorites.


Awesome, congrats Tea! :catclap: :feh_dimitrisalute:


Dimitri Gang success :feh_dimitricool: :feh_crazydimitri: :feh_dimitrisalute: :feh_dimitriblush:


Look at all those good noodles. Congrats!


Thank yoou! :feh_annettehug: It might not quite be over if IS decides to give him a seasonal, but I reeally hope they’ll give me time to recover my orbs and sanity before that, lmao.


My Alm brigade vs your Dimitri Brigade, the ultimate showdown
We could sell tickets for like 80 Bucks and make the drinks cost like 29.99


Congratulations! That is a fantastic achievement!


You can go to summoner duels and find out :feh_reinyes:


Thank you! :fgo_serenityay:

images - 2021-12-29T202634.494
Lmao that’s actually a good question, I’m pretty sure L!Dimitri took 1500ish orbs (insane luck for a 8% banner) and F!Dimi might have taken 1700ish, but I’ll go back and check for each one. :feh_nini:


Yes! YES! I wanted you to respond with that meme!


Well, I’ll be sure to donate to that fund… after L!F!Byleth is complete :fgo_meltbirb:

Tysm! :feh_sylvainlove: And yup, I’ll definitely +10 the next one… eventually. looking at the 8 remaining orbs :feh_corrinsweat:


Congrats on +10ing all the Dimitris! That’s really an incredible feat!


Thank you, it really does! :feh_hridexcited: It’s almost strange after such a long time of planning and saving and being bothered by F!Dimi’s border not being shiny like the others, but it’s so good.

Thanks! I think that feeling of loving to see people dedicated to their favorites was part of what pushed me to do this, and it was a really fun challenge, too. One of my first inspirations was @KratosFredi and his Camillas. :feh_nino:


That is an amazing sight, Tea. :feh_navarreculture:

Many congratulations for finishing your good (and bad I guess :stuck_out_tongue: ) boys. :feh_nino:

Embarassed girl

The journey was hard, but I have no regrets. They’re my pride and joy.