Merge OP

Are you all aware how awesome merging is when you’ve fully invested into a unit and you can easily switch their entire composition over to a unit with better IVs while still maintaining dragon flowers, ascended stats and all their abilities?

This is my current Roy, more or less I’m fine with his build but I’m waiting to rearrange his IVs, I’ll keep his super boon on def but I don’t really need a 3 point modifier to res which is his base boon. His flaw was on atk.

This is a Roy I just pulled that had atk IVs and I remembered that I accidentally merged over one of my characters and it kept their dragon flowers florets etc etc.
How amazing is it that you lose absolutely nothing and have only everything to gain? Of course I’m not going to waste my Roy’s merges so he’ll be 5 stars soon, but that’s still awesome.

It’s important to know that right before you merge, you can click on the character to see how their stats and abilities will look like after merging without fully committing to the merge.

Or you could just use trait fruits? Kinda what they’re for.


I only get about 10 at the end of every season. I feel it’d be a better use on a character who’s unmerged and 5 star exclusive. Besides it’s only an easy 20k flowers to get ideal IVs and releveling them up is no issue when the character is more obtainable st lower stars, better fodder rates.


It depends on the person at this point

I fruited my Libra because I could never pull a +Spd version of him, for instance

And I have over 700 Trait Fruits now so I can afford to be a bit more liberal with the things


Would you like to share some of those trait fruits? I have a lot of unmerged 5 stars that could be a little more usable with some IV changes​:joy::joy:

You do you, but I whole-heartedly disagree.

Their best use is Grail or Hof units, followed by a 5* exclusive you are merging (seasonal > normal pool) due to their availability.

If you aren’t merging them/using them often - their Arena bonus period does not count as often either, then their IVs largely do not matter.


Well I think you’re using them too much then. I’ve been using a -Atk S-Caeda for ages and she does fine, even in Abyssals

The only reason I see to use Trait Fruits are the following:

  1. An unmerged unit with trashy IVs that you plan to use heavily in PvP modes. Assets and Flaws are often irrelevant for PvE but can make or break in PvP
  2. A Grail unit or Forma, as they have no access to traits without fruits
  3. A +10 unit that you could not get the trait you wanted

Sorry you have to find out like this but…

I’m pretty sure when you 5 star him, he’ll lose his 10 merges so you’ll have to +10 him again :fgo_gudako: should’ve 5 starred him first


… Oh my god, I didn’t even notice the Roy in the last pic was 4*. :feh_notlikethis: Oh no…


Pour one out for homie and their Roy


I don’t have a lot because I’ve been off the game for years, I only recently got back early September so it’s not a matter of using a lot, just that I’ve been absent and haven’t accrued any during that time. I can see it’s use for holy grail units, but like I said, 5 star exclusive units make the best use of it, not a 3 star in the general pool that I can keep rerolling for more useful IVs.

He doesn’t lose them

It’s a fact that 4 stars do lose them so you’re gonna have to prove it

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I also said that I would raise him to 5 stars before merging

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If you check the bottom of my paragraph, you’ll see I said that I would bring him up to 5 stars before merging him

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Oh, upon further inspection you didn’t actually merge yet, did you

My bad then, crisis averted


Ohhh, so it was just the preview? Thank goodness. :feh_sothishook:


Yeah lmao, it’s all good, before you merge, you can see the before and after without going through with the merging, I just wanted to show that they retain everything post merge, but I hadn’t gone through with it because he wasn’t 5 stars yet


Maybe I need more faith in FEH players