Merge OP

Just a little bit lol, I learned that hard lesson years ago when he was plus 10 4 star, I thought it was wonderful that he didn’t need 20k flowers to go to 5 star, but I’ve learned since then


I’m in the 5* exclusive camp in most cases. If you don’t fruit a grail unit you get boosts to key stats but less concentrated than a boon. For someone like Y.Innes I would definitely consider fruits but I probably give priority to some of my -atk leads

The key, as @LadyLuna pointed out, is that anything goes in PvE but in PvP a few points will swing enough matchups to decide a substantial number of matches. And PvP involves a lot of unmerged 5*.

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I did put a clause in there for if you are using them often. If you’re just going to use them for their bonus season then have them warming the bench they just aren’t worth that kind of investment, and if you are, well then by now you’d think there’s enough regularly used units that they’d start accumulating the fruits.

Well now I can save some trait shards for a more optimal IV line, also that’s what a gen 1 more or less looks like max invested at level 1

My lowest rated 5 star at max level is slightly higher in stat totals compared to him

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