Merge or Fodder B!Ikes (Poll)

So I have five B!Ikes and was thinking about merging Nowi. Problem is, she kinda needs Steady Breath; and I don’t know if I should fodder a B!Ike. He became really good after his refine, and I’ve been thinking about building him. I even have two Nailahs for DC/NCD fodder. I don’t necessarily want to +10 him by spending orbs, but four of those copies were free; so if I can get about three more merges for free (which does not seem too unrealistic seeing that they’ve been holding CYL! Hero Fests during the anniversaries and I’ve gotten quite a few in the past), I’d be willing to pull the remaining three with orbs probably on the 4% banner.

  • Fodder B!Ike
  • Merge B!Ike

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Also, to those that say merge B!Ike, what should I give Nowi? Or should I just build another blue tank? I don’t care too much about Nowi personally. I just wanted a blue tank and have heard that she’s pretty good.

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Tank Nowi gets BD3, NCD, Lightning breath and support from Shithead fox.


There are other ways to make Nowi a tank,personally I use fortress def/res 3,def/res bond 3 seal and Nah for bracing breath.


Alrighty, I’m going to give a little unorthodox advice. Shorter version: merging is better, but really isn’t important unless you’re going to +10 B!Ike. His pref weapon makes merges on him less important than usual. Foddering for his breath skill isn’t a bad idea if you’re not going to +10 him.

Longer version: due to how his pref weapon works, points in def and Res are essentially 40-80% less useful than normal. Speed, hp, and attack work the same—hp and attack are always useful, speed only matters if you’re going close call/repel. In your position, I would consider either merging up to +10 when you can, or using 2 B!Ikes. You could either use one in each AR-O season, or you could give one Null C-Disrupt (to retaliate against wrazzle dazzle staves and firesweep weapons) and another with Lull Atk/Def or Close Call/Repel (for every other AR defense team). You even have enough to do four total, two in each season.


She really doesn’t though. Speedy defensive Nowi with either swift stance or steady posture 3 works really well. Or leave her defense alone and run mirror stance 3



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