Merge or Fodder Hel(p)

So for some ungodly reason I pulled 4 Hels, and I’m wondering if I should merge them or save for DC fodder? Also if she’s worth the investment to begin with?

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If you’re in need of an Axe flier, she’s a powerful option to have, as for investment it seems Noontime is an effective way to utilize the miracle effect of her weapon with bare minimal investment. If I was in your shoes I’d probably merge to +1 and save the other 2 for Guard bearing/DC fodder.


she’d be good for MS/AR if you merge. she’s stupidly fast and hits hard - so she’s basically Mininerva
but honestly. if it were me, unless you got +spd/-res or +atk/-res, i would use the rest for fodder for you fliers. (because merging that res stat isn’t gonna do her ANY good. she’s got like 2 res lol)

I do have a +speed and -res one.

Since that should I just merge 1? I have the perfect IVs for that one.

no don’t merge. She’s perfectly fine. merging her is only giving her 17 res
just keep the +spd/-res one. and let the rest go to other flying units. :slight_smile:



I really wanted another Thrasir or to get one Edel, but the game decided “HEy do you want 3 Hels in one summon?? SURE YOU DO!!”

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■■■■ you congrats.

But yeah, keep the +Spd and I’d personally merge just once and keep two for DC/GB fodder. Her Res is useless, yeah, but that merge will increase her Spd as well, and decrease the Lift Loss even further when she’s on defense.

Definitely not necessary to merge to +3 right now though. You can change your mind later, but I’d hang onto manuals for a bit.


She doesn’t benefit that much from merges so I’d make her +1 but leave it there :feh_flaynfish:

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Thanks y’all! Before I bounce, would I do the same for any dupes of say L Julia, and Fallen F Corrin?

Any comments on my other question?

i’m not even going to lie - i totally forgot about Lift Reduction based on merges. lmao.

I’d also say to merge to +1 and keep the other two as fodders.

Should I also merge a my Fallen F Corrin and L Julia?

Without more context, it will be hard to answer. How many copy/merges of them do you have ? Do you have units that would want their fodders ? Are they units you use ?

Well the thing is I have been gone for a bit, and I finally had the time to start actually training them and foddering some stuff (RIP other units). Fallen F Corrin has their best IVS, and I have an additional copy. Idk if I should fodder it off or merge it. For Legendary Julia her IVS are decent, but I also have another copy with bad IVs, so I wanted to merge or fodder. I was planning on using them now that I got them ready.

For Corrin, if you use her enough, I guess you can merge. Her main fodders are Atk/Spd Solo 3 and Sudden Panic. Atk/Spd Solo is present on A LOT of units, so getting a new one shouldn’t be that hard if you really want to. However, Sudden Panic is much harder to get since only her and Gerik have that, so also consider that if you go for merging.

As for Julia, I don’t think you gain as much for merging since she neither have a pesky bane to fix, nor a good asset to work with. The thing is that her fodders, are really rare. Mirror Impact is obtainable from codes, but it’s really expensive and time consuming. Otherwise, you can get it from seasonals but… they’re seasonals, so it’s hard to get. As for her Oath, she’s currently the only one to have it. I would personally not merge her.

At the end, I can’t really say what’s the best for you. I explained what I would do based on what you said, but at the end, you’re the one that know what’s the best decision.

I hope I helped you tho.

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Yeah, both L!Julia and FfCorrin are very much worth +10. They’re a strong presence in high tier arena for good reason (they’re ■■■■■■■ assholes)

Thank you!

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