Merge or Fodder Her?

Dc banner is quite rough this time. 100 orb only for Kana and Nagi. And Nailah wont show up (again).

Nagi carry 2 good skill in DC and SF3, and i have my +Def old one. Should i just merge her or inherit the skill? My main armor to use is Lector, LTiki and +3 Kjelle (not really fan of armor unit). I

Got zero orb rn, so no plan for pulling in dc banner.

sees the word only and two 5 stars mentioned in the same sentence


If you don’t like Nagi or armors in general then merge her would be pointless. It would be better give DC to another unit, even someone who isn’t an armor. You’ll waste SF3 but if you don’t care about armor units then it’s not a big deal imo

That’s a really fat rip, I definitely don’t recommend merging if you don’t like Armour units. Maybe fodder her for just DC but SF is really good, basically the best for any Armour. I recommend fodder, but even just saving her and if you pull a great Armour sometime later or you change your mind about armours she’s really good to fodder.