Merge or fodder L!Leif?

I have a +atk/-hp l!leif and I got another one with bad IVs. Is atk/res push 4 a good fodder or should I just merge him? I’m not planning to +10 him so i don’t really see the point in merging though. What units use push 4 skills well?

@Petra.286 can give the best advice!.

But my recommendation is merge!, he’ll not dissapoint :+1:

I think staff units since they can get it, but many make particularly good use of [Atk/Spd Push 4] :birbpeek:


Leif has no good fodder so merge

He has nothing worth foddering anyway, so you might as well merge.

Merge him to at least get rid of that superbane.

As far as push skills go, Atk/Res Push is usually less preferable compared to Atk/Spd Push unless you’re using a unit that has terrible speed and wants the res for mage tanking. Like @af1899 mentioned, healers use push skills very well, I run my Mercedes with Atk/Spd Push 4, so if you really, really want to fodder him, give it to a high res healer to make them a mage tank. But I would advise against this.


Merge him. Higher score and he’s got no real great fodder

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Push skills don’t work with Ploys, since they are only active during combat. So even that benefit isnt a thing.

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Shows you how much I actually use push skills. They have become more viable with their Tier 4 upgrade but there are still plenty of better A slot skills.


Yup, agreed. I think they’re only good on offensive Healers or units with Brazen refines/effects on their weapons, and even then then there’s better skills

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Exactly. Every benefit you could get from them, there’s another skill that gives something similar but better. It works well enough, but the first thing I did with my Leif was swap it out

Thank you! I merged him :)

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Great! He really is a strong unit whose unique skills allow for a lot of fun and creative uses and builds, or at least that’s what I’ve found. I hope he serves you just as well!

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