Merge or fodder: Sothis

Since I realized I do have quite a few Sothii even after foddering a few

I have enough Sothii to merge her to +3 and still have the other for ARD. I already have her at +1. I’m wondering if it’s worth the merge, in hopes of more merges later along the line, or whether I should just be content with her at +1 and manual and fodder her to someone. I already foddered 2 (L!Marth and L!Julia)

She’s not exactly a +10 project, but seeing as I have so many copies she might eventually be :feh_marththink:

  • Merge to +3
  • Manual and later fodder two and be content with +1

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hmm well it depends on your preference… she´s not exactly the best hero for Dark Season, but she can be viable. If yours is already +Spd +1 I´d go and manual the others, and decide later. She really hasn´t to be merged now, but she´s a Mythic Hero, so she´s somewhat more valuable than any “normal” 5 Star imo.

I honestly like her, so I´d merge her for that reason alone, but If thats not the case for you, I´d keep her manuals just in case you need some Times Pulse - I´d still think thouroughly about it when wanting to fodder her off. You could still decide to merge her later, If you´re lucky enough to get some more copies of her in the future. Also I hopes we´ll get Times Pulse on some more Units in the future, then you wouldn´t have to fodder her off at all - maybe one of the new CYL-Units has it? Also Lysithea exists, and summoning on her is way more likely than getting a Sothis on a Legendary Banner I guess.

I know no definitive answer but hell that´s a hard topic XD


I would say merge one of them at the very least, maybe keep one manual just for fodder. Don’t forget besides AR-D merged mythics are wanted for mjolnir strike so its worth taking whatever merges you can get


Merge, but keep one for fodder

I got of a few of her because she keeps pitybreaking. It’s annoying but good at the same time. That list of skills is yummy. Lets be honestly now, when was the last time you used her. She’s very good, but… For a red slot, I bet you got at least 3 units better than her. I’d say fodder it . She’s one of those that you either +10 or just at +1. few extra stats from low merges are not worth it instead of the values foddering offers. I keep 1 for any bonus/collection purposes.

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Well I do use her all the time on ARD so tbh she gets more use than most of my barracks honestly

Still dunno whether it’s worth foddering, I dunno

Turn the extra copies to books, I’d say. a few more stats if you merge now don’t really make a difference. The flexibility worth it more. If you somehow can obtain enough to merge her at 5+ or above later on, then go for it and merge all at same time. Doe i’m sure you will run into new infantry that can make use of that A or C.

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Ok decided to merge her to +3

I still have one spare if the fodder calls for it, though I do need another dark mythic to fill in for her, but that’s honestly ok. I don’t have any plans currently for TP so I think it’s fine to merge.

Maybe she’ll be a long term project, who knows

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