Merge or Keep Legendary Hectors?

I have summoned 5 Legendary Hectors over the course of my FTP career. One went to DC fodder, but the other 4 have stayed. I’m not sure what to do with them because:
Legendary Hector is on my armor team, and he’s one of the best on the team, tanking everything with Thunder Armads, and killing with Vengeful Fighter comboed with Bonfire. If he didn’t have good fodder (like Zelgius), he would be merged already.
But Legendary Hector has DC (very valuable), and Vengeful Fighter. As a FTP, there is no guarantee that my luck with Hectors will last, and if I merge him, I might run out of DC fodder.
Do I merge any of them into my main Hector (Ideal IVs: +Atk -Spd), or do I keep all of the extras?
I also have 1 extra normal Hector waiting to be foddered to someone.

Depends on if you like Hector. I like L!Lyn and have reached a +5 merge with her so it’s definitely possible you could fully merge Hector. If you don’t care so much then I’d say fodder him off to a unit you do really like and keep the best IV version of him.

If you really like L.Hector you can consider merging.

It’s a significant sacrifice if you ask me. DC is so good on so many units. Having DC on Ares has done so much more for me than having extra stats on L.Hector would have. The same would probably apply to other units.