Merge Project and CC

I have 2 questions.

  1. I am starting my first merge project and am torn between Lon’qu and Chrom. Which do I do?
  2. I have an extra Close Counter Fodder. Who should I give it to?

Personally I would do Lon’qu because I think he is more fun to use and has better stats(I prefer speed) and for CC I would give it to someone that has good mixed bulk.

If you’re in need of a physical tank I would do Chrom, but if you want a unit that is a little more versatile I would do Lon’qu.

  1. Agree with the others, my vote goes to Lon’qu. He hits really high levels of speed, enough to double some of the fastest units in the game. He’s solid with a basic fury/galeforce build and becomes absolutely godlike with premium skills like wrath, shield pulse, and null follow up.

  2. Who do you have? It could work on savage vantage builds like Jaffar and healers or high defense owl tomes like Boey and Sophia. Most units will want a lot of investment/support to get the most out of it, like W. Cecilia or blade tomes like Odin and Tharja.

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Who is your CC fodder? Their other available skills might help who to choose.

For Close Counter, I was thinking Jamke, Lyon, Lachesis, or Boey

See Above

Um I was asking who the source of CC is. You can fodder 4 abilities now so CC and another ability slot is easy to do.

The source is hoshidon summer xander

Out of your choices I’d say either Lachesis (healers are always good) or Lyon. Might need to get QR off a Subaki, but either of them running both Def Waves (as long as you have the seal) seems like it’d be fun.

  1. Your favorite

  2. Save your fodder until you need it. Using fodder for the sake of using it is dumb

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