Merge projects thread FEB 2021

Hey all :catwave:

I feel like it’s been a long time since we’ve had one of these, and instead of reviving one of the old ones I thought I’d make a new one for now. Sorry in advance if there was already one of these recently and I forgot

Anyway, here are my projects

3☆ - 4☆

Finished only one since last time, and it’s my boy Seth :feh_hridexcited:

In Progress

Tethys still hasn’t changed, I haven’t seen a copy in months :feh_eirikabulli: Fodder still hasn’t gone anywhere either

Seteth on the other hand got two merges lately :feh_hridexcited: I still have one more laying around when I get the feathers but that’s it

Also Python. I probably won’t continue him for a while but I’ve got him to +1 and have more than enough copies


I have a lot planned lol

Ignore the builds/seals. All a WIP

In progress

He’s almost done! Got his refine and he uses it well :catdance:
He should be done in a month or so


Planning to build these ones after, in a rough order


As well as some others who are more slow projects :feh_flaynfish:

Anyway, y’all don’t have to post pictures or anything but I’m curious about how y’all’s projects are doing


My grail income is below the poverty line :catcry:


There aren’t a lot of common pool units left that I like, but Norne was too cute to pass up :feh_nini:
I want to give her spd/res oath once I can get enough feathers.

Seasonal 4☆

I was supposed to be saving orbs for valentines Roy, but now I have a +5 Alfonse. Yaaaay. I want to get him gronnfox when it comes out, and I will give him the Valyntines manual for armor march soon.
I need to start saving for hilda’s rerun, so that’s fun :catroll:


The game is going to shut down before I finish these :fgo_meltpensive:
I have enough to get the last merge for Rinea, but I want to wait for the echoes HOF first to save grails.
Rhys will be my next target after Rinea, and I will give him return+ from Sara at some point.
Kris is being merged entirely for gameplay reasons, and nothing else. yeah. I want lull atk/spd eventually, and I still have not summoned a Cordelia to give him galeforce.
Veronica is my favorite Dragalia Lost character, so I just had to. Once I get out of feather hell, I want to give her Blarfox. Or maybe Blarblade, who knows :feh_faedance:
I don’t plan on merging Rolf to +10, but I don’t really have another fast colorless bow cav and he’s adorable. I just summoned plegian bow for him, so that’s fun :catlie:
Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk :catwave:


Aside from Fjorm, this has been a dead month for projects. I haven’t been pulling Red much lately so Miranda is still stuck at +1. It’s the first time in a while that I’ve had over 40K Feathers. But now that Grails have been mentioned, I am overdue for a new Grail project. Hmm …

five star

three/four star


priority list

Ena, Echidna, Altena

Norne, Kris, Say’ri, Mirabilis

Claude, Micaiah, Celica, Corrin, Conrad

the only new edition is Kris really

there’s others but if i put them all there’d be too much


She’s already merged, but the forma could give my Minierva some news skills to play with. Just looking for atk/def rein now.

Other than that, nothing much. Although I might merge Norne soon.


Ah yes, that sad moment when you realize DL got OG Veronica before FEH even will.

As for pressing merge projects, currently at +8 with L!Dimitri. Hope to pick up the last two copies in the possible AHR banner.

  • Seiros is +1, will merge over time (she’ll like win AHR VG, meaning an easy +3 including the spark)
  • Pulled a random merge for B!Edelgard, currently +3
  • B!Claude is +7
  • B!Dimitri is +4
  • Jorge was completed with his GHB party map
  • N!Hana was completed after I got enough grails

No other projects of note atm. No extra feathers to invest in 4 stars since I’ve been promoting fodder like a madman recently. Seriously why tf is Sturdy Blow 2 locked to 5 star Athena

Just praying Lysithea doesn’t get another alt soon since that’ll be a huge middle finger to my attempt to save orbs

5 star

3/4 star

being patient on this one

waiting to get more copies and fodder naturally

don’t ask
like seliph I’m in no rush


gonna need flora guide when it reruns

I’m honestly only building him cuz im a simp lol


I don’t know which one I want to finish first so I’ll probably just stockpile grails for now.

3-4 stars

5 stars


Ohh yes, I’m gonna post mine, although only the ones that progressed or are new.
I explained a little why I like the new ones also.


With the arrival of Erinys and Mahnya/Annand, I knew what had to be done… join the relatively small “don’t fodder them” gang :feh_byleeeth:.
Nah but seriously, I already evaluated I don’t need to use their fodder at all:

  • Annand: already got [Sturdy Impact] and [Guard Bearing 3] from a Summer Ingrid who’s sure fodder… after I bring all her [HM] to 7000, I’m thinking of a flier axe/sword unit but not sure who yet… eh, there’s time, and I know there’s no sword version of that “solo lull” but… :fgo_ishtaridgaf:
    And besides, I really wanted her in the game, she grew on me back in FE4, if anything, even minor characters can give me a great impression.
  • Erinys: [Chill Atk/Spd 2] as well as [Harsh Command+] are rare and truly, needed on Idoun’s skill collection, BUT, I feel I’d take the former from a Jill… I hope it doesn’t come to that, the latter tho, Valentian Catria is the perfect candidate.
    That but there’s also character attachment involved in.

I like them both a lot, they give me similar vibes to Palla who’s my favourite Whitewing, and I think their relationship as sisters in charge to protect their queen and country is so sweet.
Annand, specially, grew on me because she got so little screentime in her game, and I noticed a tenderness that I liked, FEH gave her further development to open to new horizons, and she sewed a scarf for Lewyn. :fgo_medealove:
Both of them are caring to certain level, and are beautiful — I find green hair relaxing and comfortable to glance at, but I like more Annand’s hairstyle.

Screenshot_2021-02-18-02-07-33-059_com.nintendo.zaba Screenshot_2021-02-18-02-07-43-910_com.nintendo.zaba

On the topic of projects again though, their progress will be VERY slow, I’m getting too many projects already but I would happily pull for them from time to time as they get reruns.

I also got Tana and used the manual I compiled long ago for the merge, so I more or less gave her a build, far from done though, but it works well for close quarters:
I think she’s charming and I like her sociable and kind but more high-spirited attitude.


First of all, Jugdral’s finest:
I only got a new set so far, and it’s amazing so far… also, part of the reason why I’m unsure about the IV, but fret not, I have to come up with a definite premium build on my own, and I will!
OG also, because I’m working on this:
Hoping to max her boosts later on, after this, thinking of upgrading her Legendary version.


I started Cecilia, if we talk about looks, then yeah, about same as Erinys and Annand, but I was actually pondering if she’s my liking for a long time, then I gave a read to NickofTime80’s +10 post on Cecilia, and asked myself “why not?” And so, I got started, with a very basic set and a placeholder kit, she may be really handy in [Røkkr Sieges] for colorless Røkkr if I can top on her the {breaker} B-skills, and if the Røkkr flies then MUCH better. :fgo_casgilworry:
Blues too ofc.

Florina also finally was started after procrastinating for long, I got her a few skills I had lying around.
As for the motivation, [Arena] bonuses reminded me I still have the actual copy without use, so I picked up a weekend, brought my Summer Female Robin with [Lance Valor 3], and started to slap some skills on Florina:
I like her shy but sweet personality, she’s like a precious li’l angel. :fgo_ereshlove:
She also shares a few similarities with Dido from Azur Lane, who’s my favourite on that game.


I got a merge the last month when rolling for Sara but I gave it to her this month because I’ve been lazy, that and a boost, she’s two points away but Erinys and Annand will be hoarding my [Dragonflowers (F)].


[Heroic Grails] shop units, no new ones but here’s progress on the only active one so far:


I got her a merge this month with the help of the anniversary celebrational events, doing great and almost done, can’t wait to resume New Year Eir.


Gonna pray for your grails count op :pray:t3:

Anyways here’s a grail project I finished yesterday

Still waiting for merges for my Seteth but he hasn’t changed at all since the last time I posted.
Waiting for R Duel Flying 4 to be released to give it to her.


What I blew on my feather and wallet savings this month


Three Houses


My current focus is these units,I plan to finish Seiros and Chrom simultaneously on a upcoming LB/MB,Natasha is a slow project since I hardly pull colorless and Lex I’m not in no hurry to finish so I’m skipping the current banner to continue saving orbs.


Lmao thanks, it’s suffering :catcry:

Nice Aversa btw. Congrats on finishing her


Pulled an extra B!Camilla from AHR tickets so I built this to anchor my ARD.

Outside of ARD she looks like this to deal with annoying units like Bector in AA.

Also will be picking up Minerva from HoF so there goes my grails.


I don’t have many of these. There’s also Fjorm but she’s on hold for now


Also Python and Forrest but can’t be bothered getting screenshots of them lol. (Python and Corrin waiting on copies, Forrest on feathers).

Also thinking of building N!Hana


I’m at an interesting spot. I really only have one merge project in progress, and that’s B!Edelgard at +6. Beyond that, I’m toying with the idea of merging an infantry staff or possibly Y!Minerva after getting her forma.


My Current Merge Projects for +10 in the next view months?

5 Star:

This are my main targets^^ Hope no new interesting unit (for me) will join FEH in the next time.

V!Veronica (her Artwork :heart_eyes:)


Oh, wait! I forgot B!Hector! I have him at +5. So him and B!Edelgard.