Merge Time: The useful Jaegan's [POll]

Alright, so: for a while now I’ve wanted to create a team of +10 Jaegan units that are actually good in their original games. Seth and Titania are obvious choices, and I’m considering building Finn for several reasons, though ideally Marcus will be added as a demote lance cav eventually.

Anyway, I think I finally want to build at least one of them for my next merge project, but need help deciding which one. I’ve crafted a build for each using the fodder I have available. These are all mostly for fun/PvE, but still feel free to suggest changes and so on.


Several manuals would go into this one, and I might also give him a dedicated support build with his PRF+rally/ruse. The thing I’m most worried about is actually being able to damage anything with his attack in this day and age, when units can reach 48 visible defense if they want :feh_elisad:
Also probably will have desperation as a B slot, since that might end up working better.


Probably the one I’m leaning toward most right now, since it seems the most practical and complete. RS is great for her, due to low cooldown and her own stats being low, so scaling off the enemy is nice. I have a couple extra copies of M!Byleth, so it’s not a problem. The lull is from the Percival manual in codes a while ago. I know this definitely doesn’t hold up competitively, but it seems fun


Just killing a spare Duo Catria for this. The idea is pretty much to kill in 2 hits of brave, hence death blow and all that jazz. Honestly not to sure if I want to do this one, since IDK how reliable/good it will be.

So, the poll.

  • Seth
  • Titania
  • Finn

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I do like My speed builds
And then there is Seth
No brainer


I do like that build and have seen something similar before, but his attack is just painfully low.


Thanks IS for shafting him



Yeah. I said “good Jaegan’s in their original game.”

Jaegan is well known for not being good.

Also, I don’t like Archanea much TBH, so I have no interest in building him.


Logically, Finn is the best unit there given he has a good prf but I voted Titania as I’ve recently +10ed her myself and she’s been awesome with Plegian Axe and Otr’s Flow/Menace, worth considering if you ever have a spare copy of him.


I don’t even have a single copy of him

But yeah, great combo and would absolutely consider doing something like it.


Objectively speaking Finn is the better investment thanks to his unique Prf, but I voted for Titania because she’s cheaper grail-wise and because axes have better FTP inheritable options right now.


Where Frederick then
Brawl in the Family Frederick


Titania is the better axe cav.

No I will not be accepting any arguments.


She’s certainly the more attractive one :feh_thinkinglikelukas:


Like honestly I’d build her if I hadn’t already build P!Kris who is factually better in every way except for her okay res :feh_sharenacry: granted I kinda regret building him since I barely use him


The odds of me using any of these units frequently is very low.

Just building them for fun and because I like the characters


Then 100% go with Titania.
PoR limited timed battles are very hard as it is.

IS shafting both of Tellius games to 1 banner per year makes limited battles for these games somewhat harsh.


Jagens are all well known for being good is what you mean because falling off in the lategame means nothing when earlygame becomes significantly easier through using them.

Apparently, Jagen himself is the exception in his eyes.


I’m not so hardcore into the Fire Emblem games to remember which units are good or bad, but I guess everyone in those games are useful… as sacrifices to build the foundation for the Archanean empire.



Even the original Jagen is a good unit because he is a Jagen.

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Finn is an easy choice. Best offensive statline out of the three, and his refine is perfect for an offensive build, and is much better than anything Seth or Titania get. Besides the built-in Lull gives you more options for a B-slot and makes a potential build require less fodder.

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Then you have never tried to use FE6 Marcus or Zelot.

Not all Jaegans are created equal, not by a long shot. And some Jaegans don’t just fall off late game, they fall off late early game as well; outside of the first few chapters on hard mode, they are essentially useless units. They are not good by any means.

But Titania and Seth are units that are completely usable late game. They may not be the best of the best, but they’re still competent, unlike most Jaegans.