Merging a 5* into a 4* (skills)

Hey everyone,

In order to improve my 4* Hana I unlocked one copy to 5*, so right now I’m improving her weapon to transfer it to the main one (4*), but I just realized that I have to learn all the skills that requires a 5* hero before the merging process, so they remain on the 4* Hana.


What 5* skills that could be useful for her do you think I should learn before the merge?

Any help appreciated, thanks

I’m not sure I understand, but merges transfer all skills (even if they’re not learned yet), so your 4* Hana should be able to learn everything she has available at 5* if you merge the 5* into her.

You can check the resulting unit before confirming the merge to make sure you’re getting what you want.


I can see that the 4* Mathilda can learn her new 5* weapon.


I understand that, but there are certain skills that can only be inherited while being a 5*, like the third tier of certain skills, so I wonder if I need to inherit them while using the 5* Hana.
Or maybe the restriction just applied in order to learn it?

I’m confused regarding this because a few days ago I inherited a weapon from another hero and It wasn’t possible to refine because it has to be done while used by its original wielder, so I wonder if it’s the same with the skills or they can be learned while using the 4* Hana.

Edit: oh well, if you’ve learnt a 5* weapon with a 4* hero it answers my question, thank you very much. And sorry about the poor explanation, I’m still improving my english.

Unless I’m missing something, the only skills a 4* version of a unit doesn’t have access to are their own 5*-locked skills, which you get by either promoting them to 5* or merging a 5* into them. I’m not sure at this point how inheriting refined weapons works (if that’s what you mean) since I just inherit the base weapon beforehand and refine it later. It has also been changed at some point.

Weapons with the + must be upgraded while they’re used by its original user, or maybe I got it wrong, but I’ve inherited the basic version of a dragonstone into a 5* and I couldn’t upgrade it, like if weapons show a different behavior regarding inherit system.

I can assure you I didn’t refine my LAwood’s lance using Berkut. I upgraded Berkut to 5* and gave him Berkut’s Lance+. Was the dragonstone you inherited the + version? You need to promote the fodder to 5* to inherit their 5* skills.

This is what I meant:

Corrin isn’t able to upgrade Lightning Breath to Lightning Breath +, I should have done it while it was used by its owner and then inherit it.

You had to promote the Nowi/Tiki to 5* and then get the + version from her. Only the 5* versions of weapons can be refined.

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Oh, that was the problem, you’re right, the owner wasn’t a 5*, so I had no chance to inherit the + version, and it has nothing to do with the “receiver” ‘s rarity.

Yeah, that was what happened, haha, I’m really sorry for the confussion, I’ve been playing for a few months and I’m still too green on some aspects.

I appreciate very much your help

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