Merging Meganekko Mage Miriel

I like Miriel, I have only Titania and Tanith (who’ll be a long wait on copies) left on the 3/4* merge project list, so I’ve got myself a new merge project.

Just wondering if anyone else is planning on merging her and what builds you’re thinking of?

Looking through my fodder for a fast blue mage, the only tomes I’ve got are Blarfox or Juicy Wave so I was thinking of this.

A special specialist who gets her Dragon Fang off in every round of combat after she’s used it the first time with the Desperation in the tome keeping her safe. Don’t have a better C skill for her, sadly.
She’d be getting FB4 from F!Mareeta so would get Null-F too so could use that and a 2 turn special.

Only problem with this is there’s somewhat of an overlap with Tailtiu, same player phase offenses but trading spiral for Wrath.

+10, +8DF

I think they’re different enough to go for it, Miriel is hot while Tailtiu is cute.


I think the build is pretty good :feh_eirikathink:

For the tome, you could give Blarfox from Ilyana if you have a copy since that could be good for Miriel and there’s also S!Lute’s tome which is pretty great

Besides that, the build is pretty good for a Special Spammer and the only thing I would consider is a 3 Cooldown Special but you’re also using FB4 so that might help that issue


I will go with an ageless classic, fury desperation, at least until I get good fodder. She will be great for limited GHB since my only magic user is Brady.