Merging Mirabilis? And bonus question on what to free pull

Pretty much title. I got 2 Mirabilis’ on the banner and don’t know if I should merge them or not. 1 is +Res, -Spd and the other is +Hp, -Def. I would be merging into the +Res one probably as her Hp doesn’t any important break point even with a boon.
I don’t think I need both copies because I already use Thrasir on my Anima defense and I am pretty sure only 2 Mythics stack but wanted to make sure before I merged them up.

And now that I got both copies I wanted at pull number 35 or something, I just went ahead and got my 40 for the spark. But now the question is which unit is the best at Neutral IV’s?
I’m not going to be pulling for anymore copies of them so it is probably more for the fodder. I’m leaning Say’ri but it’s more for Kestrel Stance 3 than Close Call, as I have Repel fodder already. But Joint Drive Spd seems like it’s going to be probably pretty rare and likely more useful than Kestrel. Thoughts?

Don’t merge. Two mass debuffing dancers, definitely better than one. And I think Say’ri is a better choice for the freebee.


Yeah I’d hold off on merging them until you at least consider the prospect of running double Mira on AR-D Anima. Double Mythics do stack. A +10 Res boost to blessed allies on defense (and +5 Def if running Thrasir) with the potential for massive dancing/debuffing shenanigans is pretty nuts. The Mira IVs shouldn’t matter much as she leans heavily into a supportive role and shouldn’t do much offensively.


that is correct, you only benefit from lift loss reduction of 2 mytics.
That said having 2 mythic dancers is stronger for most defences/setups, over runing 1 mira and 1 thrasier.
but it depends on how you have built your defence/what units you have available/if you are considering redoing the defence

So do we think the better move is to have 2 Mira’s or 2 Mira’s and the Thrasir? I was thinking of redoing my Anima defense with Thrasir and F!Ike for shenanigans. I could run the Mira’s too.

It depends on your team comp

Mine works with only one Mira so I just merged, but there’s merit in using 2


I’ll personally keep 1 Thrasir, she’s still effective, and add 1 Mirabilis.
+5 Def+5Res +10 HP is a nice combo.

Also, my others dancers have their own value aswell, i wouldn’t want to run 2xMirabilis.
My +10 Tethys & +10 Silvia (i will update my AR-D as soon as i get that HP4/Def2 compile manual, but she’s now +10) , have both some insane value a 2nd Mirabilis wouldn’t bring to the table.

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My current Anima Defense:

Defense Squad

I use Ninian and Nowi to pulse up the squad and then dance and kill things. Not reinventing the wheel here but it works pretty well. My thought was to swap Lif for F!Ike because he can get mileage out of Thrasir and, in my experince with him so far, he’s tougher to take down. And pretty much a straight swap from Nephenee to Mirabilis.

most likely only 2 mytics. running 3 mytics is only worth if you expect your defence to benefit more from the extra stats over reduced lift lost.

whether to run 2 mira or 1 mire and 1 thrasier, depends on how much you relies on the nuking capabilities from thrasier, do you have other nukers that you can run instead of thrasier?
does your team benefit more from +10 res or +5/+5 to red/def.
or does your current dancers fulfill a secondary roll Mira can’t.
F!Ike instead of Lif is correct to do since F!Ike benefit from the mythic blessing bonuses while Lif don’t.
and since F!Ike has 9(?) less res then def, F!Ike benefit more from 2 Mira.
but your current comp also relie on IP that Mira cant run. so if you can run IP on F!Ike, and/or the nuker that takes Thrasiers place, i whould run 2 Mire