Merlín appreciation thread

So you know,not a lot of people appreciates Merlin because he is cool tier,i kinda understand he isn’t so good but he can’t be useful,i know that his NP doesn’t do damage and that a sad thing honestly but his skill could be useful for a team like the 50% star gen of his second skill or the extra HP of his thirth skill, so let’s appreciate this helpful Caster :fgo_ishtarsmug:

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I think everyone appreciates Merlin though? He’s tier EX…I know with quick meta his popularity will decrease due to buster being less useful, but he’s still got party wide NP gauge up, and party wide invincibility which are great regardless.

And lets not forget the very important fact that his VA is Sakurai Takahiro :heart_eyes:

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Hell no, eff Merlin

Duality of man


What are you talking amout?

they should buff his third skill to increase the power/performance of buster/arts/quick/np/extra cards, add a pseudo-divinity damage+, give anti-damage to every possible trait/alignment/etc, and last 3 turns. also, reduce all skill cooldowns by 2 (including itself). oh yeah, and that base cooldown is way too high. reduce it by 1

that’d surely fix him


Which part? I mean, he IS tier EX on gamepress, and one of the most often used friend supports other than Waver

Just gonna leave this here:


I don’t get it? you don’t get the reason of why this thread exist? Really?

To appreciate Merlin? Which I do? lol I’d appreciate him more if he’d answer my summons

really nobody is geting it

I get it.
But I think you’re pretty late to make this joke.

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I guess it is April Fools for a few people already :fgo_coffee:


But most importantly his NP must deal damage or else he would still be a trash tier servant. :fgo_rinlaugh:

the joke was make ir one day before, i thougth that everyone would get it

Man, I really wish hero creation EX had a 30% battery and the crit damage was for three turns. That would bump Merlin from the cool tier to a solid tier three servant.

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Yeah why DW don’t fix our poor Merlin he seriously need that

i don’t appreciate him cuz he’s a dick.

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