Merlin Banner tips?

Hi, i have around hundred sq and want to try roll for merlin banner but base on d schedule those three list that i circled is d best chance to get 1 of the 3 rate ups so if i chose the last day it will contain all the rate ups and i will keep d free servant ticket until i have finishing roll for merlin banner to make the choice. Btw this is my current team :
Archer:robin n arash
Lancer:Brynhildr lucky second single roll haha
Rider:rider n medusa
Assassin :hassan ca
Caster:hans and medea
Berserker : herc
Avenger: angra maiyu and lobo
So as u can see i lack aoe saber lance and archer so for the free servant i will chose emiya… I know2 arash is an aoe archer but STELLAAAAA!! u know… So i would try to roll for atoria saber and lancer or maybe their alter version or maybe other aoe servants… Yeah i know gatcha is hell but this is the best way i think… After a long thought t I think i dont really want merlin coz i got my hans coz he my best boy why coz Its Me Dio! But getting him will sure make me jump and posing in a weird way I dont know i get migraine thinking about this haha… I dont really want saber artoria haha, so if i chose the last day where the three rate ups happen i wonder if im doing it wrong? Just started play for 23 days and also f2p player… Please share your thoughts! Tq

I’d say roll on his solo rate up. The alters are always on rate up during the banner so why not maximize your Merlin chance since you could get spooked by either 4 star along the way. Plus we’re also getting whatever 4 star we want with a ticket at the same time. I’d say roll on day 1, with any luck you’ll get something good. Then evaluate your needs and cover it with the pick ticket. Take it from me as a fellow f2p who was blessed with D magic. When you have merlin your friendslist will basically supply you with whatever else you need and your general friend request quality improves big time.


Just to be clear, getting an SSR Servant will remain at 1%. An SSR on rate-up simply means that you’ll get a better chance of getting a rate-up Servant within that 1%.

If you’re not interested in Saber Altria and only want to get Lancer Altria and maybe Merlin, you’re better off rolling either when Lancer Altria gets a single rate-up (9/19-9/20) or when they’re both on rate-up (9/23-9/24 note that this means your chance of getting Lancer Altria is slightly decreased since she shares the rate-up with another rate-up Servant). Having 2+ SSR Servants on rate-up decreases the odds of getting the specific Servant you want, never mind having 3 SSR Servants on rate-up at the same time.

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Ouh… Thanks… I appreciate it

Thanks for your thoughts

Specifically the rate-up odds for banner servants is 0.7% for a solo banner, and 0.4% each for a dual banner.

Just roll for Merlin solo, his value alone far eclipses that of Lancer Altria or Altria Saber. And he’ll be gone for another 2 years after this chance.

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Like others have said, if there is a specific servant you want, like Merlin, your best chance of getting him and him alone is on a solo rate up.

However, when there are multiple servants of the same tier (e.g. SSR/5*), the odds for them go, I think, 0.7 / 0.4 / 0.3 for 1-3 servants sharing the banner. Thus, while the chance at getting a specific one goes down, so does the odds of getting a “spook”–a servant not on rate-up. So, on a solo Merlin banner, the odds you’d get an SSR other than Merlin is 0.3%. If he shares the banner with another, it drops to 0.2%, and if there are 2 others with him, it’s only 0.1%.

So if you really, really don’t care which servant of a shared banner you’d get, you do maximize the chance of getting one of them, if you get any at all.

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Yeah… I will focus on merlin solo banner… Thanks

As a f2p I’m stacked to the 9’s. Still got a freaking Karna and BG CE when rolling all my savings on Merlin…feels bad man

Do note that vanilla is a beast once she gets her Rank Up next year. 30% NP Gauge on a 5-turn cooldown with a 20% refund on NP is no joke.

That said, solo rate-up Merlin all the way.