Messing around with Guard bearing

I panicked my Guard bearing user and Debuffed him as much as possible then hit him with a Gunnthra

He was adjacent so his weapon didn’t really do anything.

110 overkill while at 1 health.
A second time with a similar set up but I charged Gun’s special, gave gunthra TA, and added mythics for more health.

That’s quite the difference. Imagine if I had Courtly Candle.


I think we all know just how absolutely busted damage reduction can be. When you have low resistance sword units surviving Reinhardt, REINHARDT, because of it then you know it’s pretty busted, lol.


Now im wondering how much Courtly Candle/Guard Bearing/deflect magic 3 can stop :thinking:, although this is off topic its interesting to think B!Dimitri can also run Courtly Candle/Blue lion rule/deflect magic 3 if he is slow much like how speedy B!ikes can stack DR from his weapon/DR (B) skills/ and a deflect DR seal… DR is some hell of a drug

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Like this?

He’ll activate sol on the second hit
Problem is initiating on the Magic units.