Metagross in the wild

So I was walking around Mexico City when I found this

I thought it was an error because come on Metagross in the wild?

So I went to check it out and it was real!

So I guess we are going to find Metagross in the wild now, I wonder if someone has found a shiny Metagross in the wild!

Apparently I can just upload one picture so here it is the second one

A few updates ago, they added a bunch of the 2nd stage evolutions from Gen 3 into the pool of rare wild spawns that you previously weren’t able to find. These included: Aggron, Flygon, Ludicolo, Metagross, Salamence, and Slaking.

Wild shinies of any evolved forms typically haven’t been possible, however, outside of specific Mons during events (shiny wild Gyarados for the upcoming lunar new year event).

Also NIdorina and Nidoqueen in 2018.

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That’s how I registered Dragonite to my Dex, way back in the day!

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Ah, the good old days.

I remember finding a dragonite in a ferry between land and island wayy back