Metagross problems

So I never got an even half decent metagross during community day, and I was overjoyed when I got a shiny shadow metagross… until I saw it’s Ivs. It was the best one I got tho with decent attack, and knowing how broken shadow metagross is in PVE I maxed it out. Would it be worth giving it a new attack for use in pvp or saving the candy for a better metagross one day.

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PvPoke actually ranks shadow Metagross lower than regular Metagross in open ML and ML Premier Cup. Likely because the increased damage it takes as a shadow Mon compromises its bulk too much, while the 20% shadow damage boost doesn’t really pick up too many meaningful wins over normal Metagross.

Personally, I would just keep it as a PvE attacker and save your candies for now.

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If you have already maxed a Shadow Metagross, I’d say you’re big enough not to worry about 90 candies. That saying, I wouldn’t use it in PvP, but if that’s your main gym attacker, unlocking Psychic can be useful for coverage in particular scenarios. My main gym attackers are always 3-moved.

The most important thing is Meteor Mash. Once it got MM, it’s all good

Assuming from the way you worded your post you are more concerned with IV’s than the fact that you have a shiny shadow metagross (I thought I was the only one lucky enough, and your IV’s are better…). What everyone usually reiterates is that the 20% atk boost is much greater that the ~5% difference between 0 and 15 atk IV, yours at 11 making it something like 1.5% weaker than perfect? Unless you short-man raids you will never notice the difference.

But yeah I wouldn’t recommend Shadow 'gross for PvP, or shadows in general outside of great league and only if you’re willing to build a team around them. Also what Attilioes said, MM is a must

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IVs are very deceptive. What it looks like there is a half as good Metagross. What actually is is a 4 point difference in attack only being like instead of 272 base yours is 268 (257 is the non IV base and add the IV value to it).
And shadow adds a +20% damage buff right? (I think it takes 17% more damage too).
So for raids it can easily out-dps any normal variant.
Keep in mind shadows don’t mega evolve and Metagross has a mega evolution in the main series, very likely to appear sometime in GO

For PvP the shadow thingy can do more harm than good, hydro cannons especifically or even wild charges. Some people stated above normal variant is more solid in PvP.

Either way, your Metagross isn’t a waste. And I’m being nice 'cause I really hate that pokemon :)