Method for Determining Raid Boss Charge Move

I’m not sure if this is already general knowledge but so far I have not encountered this information so I figured I’d post it.

If you want to know what a raid boss’ charged move will be before the battle begins you can figure it out based on the autoselected pokemon lineup the app chooses for you.
The autoselect will pick Mons based not only on their CP, moveset but will also add preference to Mons resistant to the charged move the raid boss will have for the upcoming battle.

Here is an real-life example of how it works :
Boss: Girantina Altered forme

Raid #1 - Autoselect group (in order)
Garchomp (dragontail/outrage), Tyranitar x 3, Weavil, gardevoir
—> I know his charged move will be ancient power (none of my Rayquazas were selected, none of the Mons autoselected are flying or vunerable to stone attack)

Raid # 2- Autoselect group (in order)
Gardevoir, Tyranitar x 5
—> I know charged move will be dragon claw since it bumped my lower CP gardevoir all the way to the top of the list since she is resistant to dragon attacks

Raid#3- Autoselect group (in order)
A mix of 2 tryranitars and 2 rayquaza and a weaville
—> I know the charged move will be shadow sneak since it picked the Mons with highest TDO/DPS to the neutral ghost attack and since it picked Rayquaza (who would not be picked as high against stone or dragon counters)

This is a nifty way to gain information from the autoselect screen and then use a preferred pre-selected party optimized for the raid boss’s attack.

Hope this is helpful.

If it’s really critical to know the boss’s charge move, I find it alot simpler for one person to go in and wait for the boss to use its move. Jump out, heal up, then everyone knows for sure what it is.

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Yes, it has already been posted during Psystrike Mewtwo week, it was update to work like that since then.

Where I play it will be considered suicide…you must have a very lovely community who like two wait 2 min for a person to tell them the charge move before enter the lobby. Here they probably will think “Your sacrifice will not been in vain” and then forget the existance of that poor soul.

As I said, only when critical, i.e. you’re doing a short-man attempt where the boss’s moveset has a serious impact on its counters. In most cases, a best guess based on the automatic selection is perfectly sufficient.

Here anyway, we have to plan our raids in advance (just showing up rarely works) so there’s often someone who turns up at least a couple of minutes early, assuming of course it’s not being done dead on hatch.

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I feel that you can‘t really trust autoselect anymore (unless they made another change to it). Back at Groudon‘s most recent rerun, I faced a situation where it put multiple Water types against Solar Beam, so I was like „Water Squad it is“. Obviously didn‘t end too well. Next time, autoselect recommends the same team, I was like „Must be Solar Beam again, let‘s take the Grass Squad!“ Said and done, and what did I face? Right, Fire Blast. And I‘m hella sure the weather was not Rain at these times.

The first time Giratina-O was on Raid Schedule they change the recommended system, before it choose the pkm whose type resist the boss charge moves, after Giratina it always choose the pkm who do most damage without taking the boss charge move on account(that’s why Groudon gave you so much trouble). But since the Psystrike Mewtwo week they have change the recommended system algorithm again, now it take the boss Charge Move again.


And when i faced Altered Giratina, autoselect picked mix of Gardevoirs, Togekiss and Dragons vs Ancient Power. Also Dragons mixed with Tyras vs Dragon Claw. I wont trust autoselect :slight_smile:

I think is because they have mix the first two algorithms, the thing is that Giratina-A attacks are so weak, that dragons like Rayquaza are the best counter against every move(except during Cloudy weather and with Dragon Claw, when Gardevoir become the best). The real trial will began when a boss with a very powerful and distinctive charge moves appears: like SolarBeam Groudon or Dracometeor Palkia.

Currently I thing is taking in account the Fast Move, for example in NOT cloudy weather when it have Dragon Claw it recommended my Gardevoir first if it have the Dragon fast move, but choose Tyrannitar if it have the Ghost fast one.

When you face Girantina-A you will find that every time your fairy types are suddenly ranked higher by autoselect than their CP would suggest Girantina will be using dragon claw.

When your high CP rayquazas/dragonites/Salamances are ranked lower than their CPs would suggest, expect it will be Ancient Power.

It’s not always accurate. Against Mewtwo it recommended Metagross and Tyranitar when the charge move was Focus Blast.

It also depends on what you have and a what lvl, for example for Mewtwo I only lvl up four Giratina-O to 35 and 2 Tyrannitar to lvl 31, for every every combination the recommended show those six, but for focus blast, and thunderbolt the Giratina appear first, and for the other moveset the Tyrannitar show first.
I Agree that the system doesn’t seem perfect but is much better than when it throw me Kyogre against Solar Beam Groudon and Roserade against Blizzard Kyogre, of course until bosses like them appear I can’t be 100% sure.

They should just put what moveset it has in the wait lobby. You’ve already spent your pass/money, just give us the info.

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I once suggest something like that in this forum(when it always recommended the same) and got a lot of replies like “Don’t ask for it to be that easy”, “Is fun to guess”, “Just use your brain to know the move”,… so I guess that it may offend some people?.

I have to chuckle at the comments about “don’t make it easy” or those who really want to know the move in advance. Here in Thailand we have a very large and active trainer crowd but probably 90% or more of them have no interest in what the raid boss moves are … even after fighting them they rarely know what it was. I often ask those who raided immediately before me “what move did it have” and most don’t know (and don’t care).

Thing is, its not easier or harder, just wastes less time. If you’re short-manning it you can go in, find out the moveset, back out, and relobby with the optimal team. It’d be difficult if you lost your raid pass for backing out and restarting.

I can sometimes guess from the recommended team, and sometimes can’t. Sometimes the selections just leave me scratching my head. I usually just play the same squad anyway. It is usually a question of how many revives it will cost me, rather than whether I’ll win the raid. If it matters, I’ll know what to use on the second attempt.

The thing I actually don’t get his how people always confidently state what fast move they went up against. I can sometimes guess from the damage it does, but am often not confident of my guess.

Sometimes it is of course quite obvious (like for example Mewtwo with Confusion and Psycho Cut), but in most cases (when the Fast Moves ate similar damagewise) you‘ll just have to try and observe the animation when the boss uses it‘s Fast Move (Giratina Altered for example)