Mewtwo and PvP

So everyone knows that mewtwo is the god of PvE. But what about PvP? Well… I don’t know.

Psycho Cut/ShadowBall/Ice Beam is still fine in pvp, although it’s no good vs Grunts or Leaders. (Better off using Armored Variant against those)

What about psystrike?

Psychic Attacks are not good at all in Masters.

Ok, thank you

Psystrike is nerfed in PvP. Basically a Shadow Ball/Stone Edge clone. The problem is Steels run rampant in PvP, Giratina(s) are a thing, and loads of Rocket 'mon have Bite (which is a real pain). It’s an alright 3rd 'mon for Masters (1st Steel, 2nd Ground, 3rd generalist/Dragon slayer)

How is Psystrike nerfed in PvP? You must’ve been mislead by Gamepress PVP charge move list, which says it’s 55 energy and 90 damage like Psychic, Tbolt and Ibeam, but actually that’s wrong. Psystrike cost 45 energy and does 90 damage, which is really good.

Of course this doesn’t change that Mewtwo’s type is not good in the actual Masters League meta.

Actually with Psystrike is really good in Rocket fights, specially if you want to clear them fast. Psystrike charges really quick with Psycho Cut and it one-shots pretty much any Poison or Fighting type pokemon.

I always use Mewtwo against the fighting, poison and grass (which are mostly part poison) grunts.

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Checked on PVPOKE and that’s what it says. I was going from the GP site (must’ve been pre-release when Psystrike looked aweful) which says 100 dmg for 55e.

Psystrike is 90/45 move. It is charged only after 4 Confusion (which generates 12 energy per attack). Just checked myself.

I like to use Registeel more against Poison and Grass ones for more stability. Both Giratina forms as well.