Mewtwo Event Rerun

Who else desperately wishes for a Mewtwo rerun? That was back when I wasn’t really into the grindy aspect of the game, so mine is just sitting there at level 85. I know they s > they’ll probably do a rerun, plus the event tickets are still in the bag, but it just feels bad to miss an event like that for a really good Pokémon. Also here’s to go hoping that Red will be released for the six month anniversary and be OP :)


I’d like that too.

Would be cool. My M2 still doesn’t have Power Reserves 2.

Well, now we get a rerun. I am so happy about this. T.T I missed the first Event. It was just to grindy, and I was not able to get enough Vouchers. Only 500…(Farmed on single Player, since I just started, and did not know about the co-op mode)

Your prayers have been answered!

Well ain’t that quick. :rofl: