Mewtwo Raiding; Lack of Interest In My Community

I haven’t been able to get out and do any Mewtwo raids this week because work has picked up, and I have to work 12 hour shifts now. I noticed within my community, people raided really hard the first few days, and now that Mewtwo’s time in normal raids is coming to an end soon, the excitement seemed to die off, and I can’t even find 3-4 other people who want to go out and raid.
I really wanted to get a couple Mewtwo with Psystrike, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to now.

Has anyone else noticed this in their community, or are people still going hard and raiding for Mewtwo?

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From what I saw today the hunt for a shiny is keeping the players in my town active and a little frustrated at the lack of funding one. I will try again tomorrow but if I see the same group as today I’ll keep to the coffee shop and piggyback with a load of tanks.
Be nice to get a shiny to give to the professor just to piss them off tbh! :joy: Actually it would be nice just to catch one!

I have witnessed this trend with T5s before, and it can be frustrating if your schedule doesn’t jive with the “biorhythm” of the rest of the community.

From what I’ve seen with Mewtwo, however, the community is still active. No raids within my immediate range and people are asking each other if there’s a T5 starting anywhere. Between the shiny form, Psystrike, and how nostalgic Mewtwo is, I’m expecting folks will raid hard right up until Monday.

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The cycle of tons of players coming out early in the run, and the interest tapering off is typical. I would argue that given that this is Psystrike/Shadow Mewtwo, the early interest was much higher than other legendary raid bosses, so the tapering off also looks more dramatic.

There will be a Shiny/Psystrike Mewtwo raid night, 10/8 I think, which is a Tuesday, and also the beginning of Yom Kippur. Unless you’re Jewish and going to temple that night, that’s a good time to catch some of the Shiny/Psystrike version.

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I saw this, and I was immediately disappointed because again, my schedule doesn’t fit this. I have class during the raid hour, but honestly, I might just skip class and raid.

The first day of Mewtwo we reach the 20 players on the lobby, yesterday we were lucky to get to 7. Outside of the novelty of the mon, I think that difficulty is what affect most of the players ( yes I know that in this forum people want the raids bosses to be difficult, but that is not the mentality of a casual player). Many good players I know don’t enter to the raid until 7 or 8 players are on the lobby because they don’t want to risk their passes with casuals that use Torterra against thunderbolt Mewtwo, or the ones that use they lvl 20 Tyrannitar against the Focus Blast version.

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Not in Singapore.

In my community, whenever a shiny Legendary comes out, there’s always a handful of people who raid until they get their shiny and then they’re done. Others will raid until they get a really high IV specimen (they don’t care about shinies) and then stop. Finally, there’s the ones who raid up until the very last hour. So mileage varies depending on the player, but we typically always have enough people to get raids done.

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Here people will normally raid pretty hard for about a week or two, then it tends to taper off, particularly if it’s not particularly special and/or there’s no shiny available. There’s nearly always someone interested in raiding though, for example to use their daily free pass, but it may take a few attempts to get it going - in our community, raids generally have to be organised in advance as otherwise they won’t get done. Location and time are often a factor too, with evening raids often resulting in enough people biting.

With the current boss, desire will remain pretty high throughout its short run. The raid hour on the 8th, and the new EX, has thankfully taken some of the pressure off though, and it’ll probably be back in regular raids at some point as well.

I’m fortunate where I am. People go hard no matter what. They went hard for Latias. Now, certain groups, depending on the side of town, are getting more clique-y, but that’s another topic.

Your community is extremely weak, if it finds Mewtwo difficult…

Top shelf counters have been staples in raid rotation from basically from day one have been featured Pokémon for countless events

This is Mewtwo’ s fourth time in rotation even the most casual of casuals has figured out what to bring at this point

How many psychic raid bosses have we had by this point!?

Honestly Mewtwo at this point is a trivial 4 man… So instead you and your “community” constantly complaining about how difficult Tier 5 raids are maybe you should get better …

Yeah, and Rayquaza is an easy duo. Meaning the average player would view Mewtwo as a more difficult raid. Put things into perspective man…

Update on my situation, surprisingly was able to find 8 other people/accounts to raid with during my lunch break. Got two Mewtwo, both with Psystrike… but… Both are below 80% Iv (12-11-12 and 13-10-11). :frowning: I’m gonna try to go out tonight and see what I can do.


In my community almost all raid hard, because almost noone have shiny( luckily me and 1 guy FINALLY managed to get one today after 30+ raids total) and probably they will raid to the end with hope to find one.

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I had defeated 21 Mewtwo so far this week and get 1 shiny, my party consist on 4 lvl 35 Giratina-O and 2 lvl 31 Tyrannitar all with high 15 attack IV, I never complain about Mewtwo difficulty, I merely state the analysis of playing near my zone, and I’m pretty sure that it is like this, or even worse, on many other places around the world.

LoL I haven’t seen so many people raiding pokemon since past year when mew 2 was here. Normally at a typical raid my local park gym will have around 40 to 50 people standing around, but the other day I went there was over 100 people I’m sure.
And also normally if you arrive to a raid late you get very little or even no people, but yesterday I arrived to the raid with 2 minutes left and there was still 16 people with me.

I’m getting off work in 10 minutes and I’m trying to find people to come raid with me on the local discord. It’s like pulling teeth. I wish I was as lucky as you!

The guys here in my community may be made of a lot of casuals and very few hardcores, but all of them know that T5s give massive XP and rewards, plus the fact that they also know that Mewtwo is an extremely powerful Pokemon, and that shiny hunters here do not stop at a single Shiny Mewtwo makes our Mewtwo week extremely busy from start to finish.

In the circle I raid with, we have an idea about eachother’s capabilities. So, if 4 players works, we go with that. If 5 or 6 is more likely to succeed, we go with that.

There are a few players in my area that I trust to 4 man mewtwo with, but if they aren’t around, padding a bit is safer.

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You mean what the game recommends?

This morning, I was in a 5-account group that failed to take down Mewtwo and another 6-account group that beat it with less than 10 seconds left.