Mewtwo team

I attached a screen shot was wondering if anyone would tell me how much damage I can do with my mewtwo ex raid team. The IVs are in the names a/d/s and all have optimal move set except the gengars using hex but all r level 40. Mewtwo is 40 and the Giratinas are 30. Trying to see where I can improve for maximum damage and balls.

I’ve got the max revives and a second team of dark, level 40 or close to it but think this one is best overall but want 2nd opinions

As much as I love Gengar, I’m not a big fan of using more than one against Mewtwo. The Poison sub-typing (making it weak to Psychic attacks) combined with it’s low bulk means Gengar ends up fainting quickly and frequently. Confusion alone will take out Gengar in ~4 hits, Shadow Ball and Psychic one-shot it, and it won’t be able to take more than a single Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, or Flamethrower. That said, against a Mewtwo with Psycho Cut and Focus Blast, Gengar actually performs exceptionally well. Still, my personal advice would be not to run more than a single Gengar in your lineup unless you know you’re up against PC/FB Mewtwo.

If you have any high level Weavile (or Sneasel you could evolve), it performs quite well and could easily sub-in for a Gengar or two. Chandelure is another fantastic option, if you’re fortunate enough to have actually acquired a good IV/high level one.

I DO have 2 lvl 30Weavile on my dark team I am trying to get the most damage balls, you think even if it has focusblast I should switch out at least one gengar with a lvl 30? I’m ok with relobby

Focus Blast and Flamethrower are the two times when Weavile will go down fast. Otherwise, it puts up a good flight. Strong DPS with Snarl and Foul Play, while resisting Ice Beam and Shadow Ball and double resisting Psycho Cut, Confusion, and Psychic. My suggestion (if you’re able to determine the moves before you start the raid) is to sub out two Gengar for two Weavile unless Mewtwo has Flamethrower or Focus Blast.

It seems Litwick is going to be one of the stars of the Halloween event, although they haven’t announce the method in which it will appear (maybe increase spawns, maybe research, maybe raid boss), so Chandelure may be a little easier to get, remember is very strong and complement Giratina-O because it can resist ice and fairy moves( also fire and fighting in mewtwo’s case).

Where I looked at on Pokebattler is showing Mewtwo Boss having 15,000hp. I know from having lost more than a few times that it had been having 22,500hp, what is its current hp?

It have more HP in regular T5 raids(some even categorize it as a T6 boss) in ExRaids it only have 15000.

Calcy IV has the option to look at a boss as a T6 difficulty, lol

Thanks Ruxbon and Shedil, I did get an ex pass for Sun Oct 20th. I work 55-60 hours a week, so might be my only shot to do the Mewtwo as an EX, 15000 fits better into any plan I might form

I powered up my 2 weavile to lvl 35 and switched out 2 gengar and received 14 balls with a best friend yesterday with a lobby of 15. I think I was the only one who didn’t have to relobby as he had ice beam. I caught my (non shiny) 15/15/10 SB Mewtwo with the first ball


Gym was valor and I’m mystic. I do have a gold badge for the gym tho