MHXA Exhibition Quest Salt Thread

Here it comes, the Snack Meister! Post your lineup or strat here. And then a post-game feedback on what worked, what didn’t work, and what didn’t work! From what have been discussed so far, this EQ will be saltier than a bag of dried squid!


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More seriously

In this particular quest, I do actually think that BB is stronger than Ozy. BB’s stun and debuff clear/immune are more useful here than Ozy’s NP seal. They put Cu Alter on here though but not Ozy? Come on, this quest needs at least 25 turns worth of stalling. I don’t care how good at soloing you think Cu Alter is, he won’t be able to do this easily at all.


If only Qin Shi Huang was here to save us.

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I think ozy isn’t as suitable in this case just because MHXA’s face cards already hurt like hell so PfA to avoid some of the damage is more preferable to preventing NPs.

I am going to try BB jeanne merlin into a backline of VH Cu. BB’s debuff clear and immune will let her take more buffs while shrugging off the debuffs at the later stage, and make sure MHXA starve faster

Here’s the plan as of now.

Raikou and Nobu (maybe i will swap her for Penth, Ereshkigal or even Abigail later) will kill as many ememies in the shortest time span possible while also breaking Ecchan’s bar.

Mozart allows a nice first turn granted i get both Nobu’s and Mama’s Arts cards, Avicebron gives me a safety measure and a punching bag for 1 or 2 turns depending on RNG, George comes out and tanks 2 or 3 more turns and the finally Support Merlin comes out and keeps the team alive until Ecchan’s lack of energy kills her. While all of this is happening Raikou and someone else will be selectively killing off mobs and Grudge Match + Evades will make them harder to kill.

The biggest challenge here is not allowing X to get offensive buffs while also breaking her bar. I predict some reset scum will be necessary. I might give George Volumen or Iron Willed training instead of his bond CE but for now this is the plan i’m going with.

That Raikou looked so much like mine, that I was confused for a moment to see “another” support slot available. Aside from minor differences in command codes and stats, they are otherwise identical down to NP levels and having same ascension art :s.

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I obviously haven’t actually tested this quest yet, but I think that the best (stall) option here is to actually leave MHX unbroken until you’ve defeated all (or almost all) of her snacks. That way she is doing regular damage for most of the quest, and also stays superbuffed for half as long. This quest looks very comparable to the Da Vinci quest from last year.

Sure, Cu Alter’s PfA will block MHXA’s damage when she gets buffed up, but the fact that he’s a berserker means that he’ll be taking more damage from the snacks. He’s really not suited to longform stall, simply because he can’t keep PfA up all the time. Also guts is considerably less useful when you have multiple active servants. As a last stand to try and edge out those last few turns of starvation? Good choice, he can definitely do that. As a main stall DPS? Not his strong suit.

On the other hand, Ozy is class neutral against most of the snacks, and his NP seal means that he can stop her from NPing at awkward moments if your Merlin or whatever isn’t ready for it. BB is even better here of course because she is class neutral, she can stun which removes MHXA’s turn entirely, and she can debuff clear. Those are all extremely valuable.

I think that I’ll be using something like this, with Merlin on support. Mode one is standard Tama/BB/Merlin stall. It’s designed to survive as long as possible while chipping away at the snacks.

Mode two is a variable one. If BB dies, then Mash comes in and the team becomes hard stall. In this mode I’m going to be almost entirely ignoring the snacks and just bunkering down with as many defence buffs as I can reasonably get. If Merlin dies, then Mash acts as a low budget equivalent. My overall offence drops, but my defence increases, and though taunt + invincibility Mash can give the same level of protection from NPs as Merlin could. If Tama dies, then Mash and Merlin alternate NP blocking duties. This is probably the weakest form of mode two.

Mode three is the last stand. Ozy fills in simply because he’s just excellent at stalling, and then George comes in behind him. George should be able to waste three full turns of starvation, hopefully putting MHXA low enough for Ozy to get the kill.



That was a great laugh.

You’re planning on merlin over Jeanne for support? I thought Jeanne’s stun and non cool down limited invincibility would be more important. I’ve even got my Jeanne prepared on support now… Though wondering if newer players would prefer BB there… Too many awesome extra servants to display them all on support.

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I’m planning Merlin because I want the extra healing and NP charge. He also provides stars, with which BB might finally get some use out of self modification to snipe a couple of snacks. Jeanne may be necessary, but if not, Merlin would be better. I’m also probably not going to break MHXA particularly early, at least not in my first run, so I shouldn’t need Jeanne’s cooldown free invincibility.

I cannot tell you how long I’ve been wanting to use that GIF. I had that entire post planned out two days ago, and I was just waiting for someone to make the thread because I didn’t want it to be the opening post.


just so you know, I’m keeping that gif. Who knows when you’ll see it next :fgo_bblaugh:

True, the crit potential was always super nice with summer BB… But then wouldn’t grudge match be better than maid in Halloween if you want to depend on taking out some of those really beefy snacks?

Maybe. I do have a third MLB GM (thanks drops) which I may put on if attempt one fails, but I’m putting stall first, and hoping to not have to worry too much about the snacks.

:fgo_nitocry: 3 mlb grudges for you too?

Fair enough. I don’t have maid in Halloween, pretty sure anyway, so if I don’t do grudge it’ll probably just be afternoon party…

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Actually, I think early break Tama/Edison/Merlin stall might be really good here. Edison reduces crit chance and attack, which significantly reduces MHXA’s danger, he NP seals which means merlin has more time to get off cooldown, and he skill seals which stops MHXA eating snacks.

If anyone has access to Tama, Sanzang, Merlin, and Edison, you could try something like this:

Tama@Prisma Cosmos (or something else)
Sanzang@Grudge Match (MLB)
Merlin@Prisma Cosmos (or something else)
Edison@Prisma Cosmos (or something else)

Atlas Institute Uniform

T1: Merlin Charisma and Hero Creation -> Sanzang, Sanzang battery and taunt, Sanzang NP (NPxB is guaranteed break). Hopefully Sanzang dies.

T2 etc.: Spam NPs as often as possible to prevent MHXA from doing crits, NPing, or eating snacks. Merlin Illusions when necessary.

I unfortunately can’t do this because I don’t have Edison or Merlin.

I could give that a try. But maybe give Edison MGoS to jump start the damage reduction np chains? Does her starvation mode only start when the snacks are gone or any time she doesn’t get a snack after breaking her bar?

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I think that it’s a 17 turn timer that just decreases every single turn no matter what happens as soon as you break. If you kill snacks before breaking her though, the timer reduces.

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I’ll first see if I can get by just tossing Summer BB into the EQ w/ appropriate supports and backups as in the previous ones. I’m a bit optimistic since her lack of class disadvantage means she hits almost everything equally hard, but her AOE NP might end up breaking MHXA’s first HP bar too early. So I will see where this line of thought takes me.

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Hmm… 17 turns before she starts eating herself if you break her T1… When one of her break effects is 50% crit rate up, which I think is more than Edison can handle without constant overcharge… Yeah 10-50% crit reduction from 100-500% overcharge…

Not too sure how Edison will be able to control a broken sith lord

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Yeah, it’s entirely just something I came up with off the top of my head without any idea of how bad her crits actually are. She is a berserker so her base crit rate is fairly low. If you break though, then she only gets one attack per round, as long as you don’t kill any snacks, and Edison is also making it harder for her to eat snacks. I think it’s worth a try, even if it doesn’t ultimately work all the way, it will probably be able to waste a good few turns if you don’t get unlucky, and then you can have George and Herc in the back to waste 3 and 5 turns respectively, possibly more.

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I am planning on trying some kind of Jeanne team.

I don’t care how good at soloing you think Cu Alter is, he won’t be able to do this easily at all.

Why is Cu Alter always delegated to soloing? I know the other servants find him a little hard to get along with, but he performs just fine in a team! I’m an avid proponent of Cu Alter + Mash + Merlin. Not exactly “stall”, but these 3 make a very stable frontline that does decent damage.

Will first try my usual Cu Alter + Mash + support Merlin + Nightingale + Shakespeare + Bond Herc. Cu Alter should be able to eat a decent amount of snacks before MHXA, hopefully making 2nd HP bar less stall-y

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