MHXA Exhibition Quest Salt Thread

I wonder if it would be better to borrow a Jeanne and have a:
Merlin + Jeanne Alter + Support Jeanne frontline with Mash + Georgios + Herc in the backline

or to borrow BB and have a:
Merlin + Support BB + Mash frontline with Georgios + Avicebron + Herc in the backline

Is Jeanne’s invul on NP better than Mash’s damage mitigation on NP?

Thinking this comp with another DPS with an MLB Grudge Match as support.

The plan is to use face cards to constantly burst down trash mobs while the taunts buy time until MHXA starves to death (boy that sounds grim). If this fails, I may try using Merlin instead of a DPS support and switching Raikou for Leonidas. An NP brave chain from Jalter should be enough to break her and start the counter. Hopefully, this works…

a cq in which stalling is better than damage race sounds interesting. Here’s list of enemies, what buffs they give and big X if you shouldn’t kill them or big checkmark if you should try to kill them according to the guide.


Probably will use a support cu alter and might change georgios with caster cu to have cu team in the backline.
Idea is using summer bb and jeanne’s star regen to crit with art cards and constanly having hp regen, def and delaying enemy np.

That’s a handy cheat sheet, thanks!


Thanks for the cheatsheet! I’m assuming red X are the ones to ignore and checks are the ones to kill?

10M HP boss. I will run Cú + Cú Alter + taunter same as Taiga EQ in 1st try.


One of them causes death when killed, or a debuff on MHXA when she snacks on it. Better to let her take it.

Checkmarks you are highly advised to kill it before MHXA


Am I misunderstanding that sheet or is there an error at the top? The Snowman gives the arts buff and the Golem gives the def buff?

The strat I am planning to try is to burn as many snacks as possible until the Spriggan, then kill it and break her bar. After that, I kill more snacks in order to get her to eat the eyeball that gives full heal before her HP loss kicks in, and then just stall until she kills herself.

The main issues I see are that the Spriggan has a ton of HP, and thus will likely need an NP from a DPS with MLB GM, but that DPS is going to have 1 HP for the rest of the battle, so they kind of have to be sacrificial. However, if you don’t kill the Spriggan, MHX gets buff removal on attack, which will ruin any form of taunt/hard defense strategy, so it’s kind of a necessary evil.

The other reason to break her bar before you finish all the snacks is that it will cost her actions. Once you break her bar, she’ll have a permanent +100% attack and +50% crit rate, so she WILL one-shot you with crits, even if you defense stack. That means healing is probably not going to cut it, and reducing her actions/turn will be a huge benefit. To that end, there are those snacks that inflict a stun and charm to her, which will be much more valuable after break.


ya it will be a bad idea to leave her bar until after all the snacks are eaten since ideally you want to start that counter down as soon as possible. I am planning to break her after spriggan as well since I need her to be stun and waste that heal from the spotter

just got a GM for my 2nd mlb. perfectly timed :fgo_musashismug:


I don’t know if I somehow missed this information, but does MHXA has a pattern of eating the snacks? Does she eat the one closest to her? or go with the order listed in the guide?

As far as I know, it’s random.


Control it by killing one of them first, stunning her, or skill sealing I believe.


I am just curious in case that I can’t one shot the spriggan if she could eat the other snack instead. But I guess this is truly an rng fest

Yeah, most runs I have seen use Plugsuit stun to buy an extra turn against the spriggan. Skill seal will stop her from eating that turn, and she also won’t eat on the same turn she uses her NP.


Hopefully BB and jeanne stuns (and plugsuit) will be enough to eke out an win. I am hoping my 6/6/6 BB is good enough for the stall strats. I really don’t want to waste a lore on a servant I barely use.

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BB might not come out to play much, but I’m still glad I lored her. Speaking of which, I should put her on support for folks that missed her event


Just beat it in 41 turns! Had no MLB damage CE just stalled with Jeanne, Merlin, and Skadi for the majority of it. Mash and BB died very early so it basically just became a game of rotating NPs and skills. Last time I ever stall. I never liked stalling, but thought I would try and lets just say that is never happening again!


yeah those two are mixed up snowman is the arts one, others seems to be correct .