MHXX's Art Attack

MHXX’s art attack is a vulcan machine gun (a.k.a gundam) in her first and second ascension. Once she hits her final stage though, she is wearing a cap but still retains that particular animation. So…

  1. What is she shooting then in her third ascension?
  2. Where is she shooting it from? (cap ? ahoge?)
  3. How does whatever she shoot cause damage?
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I think this matter requires expert input



Mysterious Heroine Ahoge Artillery Cannon



I appreciate the notice Arcana.

As far as I can see, XX has a similar case with her Quick card attack animation. She summons a laser sphere to omnidirectionaly hit the enemy. I presume that either the power comes from integrated space tech on her cap (as an independent extension of her mecha suit) or directly from her (powerful) ahoge. Lorewise, I’m thinking that it’s likely high energy ions or possibly ‘lore’ mana from Rhongomyniad or herself.

Considering X’s record I’d place the bets on the second XX ahoge hypothesis.

The power of the inner Altrium!


(Serious) Note: I’ve also read that she can also materialize the suit extraordinarily fast at will, so it might be that she materializes only the minuscule offensive armament on the third ascension and gets the job done as easy as if she was wearing the whole thing to begin with. :fgo_mhx:

Edit: Hope that helps.


Another future assassin has this exact quirk too.


The power of ahoge. :smiley:

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Interesting observation on what is basically the joke version of a joke servant…and it makes sense!

Alternatively, @sep_ff7 you can ponder on this mystery through the gacha. Perhaps you can ask her yourself :fgo_hokusaiwink:

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Will try to telephone her once the space line is open next week. If luck would have it, she will agree either to an in person interview or house call.